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In Midst of War, US Approves $11 Billion in Combat Ships to Saudi Arabia


In Midst of War, US Approves $11 Billion in Combat Ships to Saudi Arabia

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Defying the international call for an arms embargo over war crimes concerns, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced Tuesday it has approved an $11.25 billion deal to sell warships to Saudi Arabia, which has been waging war against Yemen for more than six months.

"The selling of arms in the middle of a war will obviously send the message that the Saudis can do whatever they want and get away with it," Farea Al-Muslimi, Beirut-based Yemeni writer and visiting scholar with Carnegie Middle East Center, told Common Dreams.


Taxpayers money built them will we get a refund?


Rake in the cash, you war mongering MIC scum bags. I understand that that vile Mrs. Feinstein's hubby is invested primarily in the death industry. Why do people keep voting for these odious specks of humanity?


The US Fourth Reich allows Israel to continue its genocide against the Palestinians, rewarding them with an annual three billion dollar tribute from our taxes, most of which goes right back to the MICC in arms sales. Most of the rest of it buys politicians.
* US Fourth Reich also uses its position on the Security Council to veto any vote of censure or criticism of Israel's lawless acts.
* US Fourth Reich supports Saudi Arabia in its genocidal war against Yemen, rewarding them by selling them eleven billions worth of warships, not to mention the arms, drones and planes sent to them.
* I'm sure the US Fourth Reich will use its UNSC position to shield the Saudis as it does Israel.
* No doubt, the US Fourth Reich will do for the Saudis what they do for the Israelis. When the Israelis have destroyed so much that they are running out of ammunition, the US Fourth Reich airlifts tons of ammo and weapons to replace what they used so they can continue.
* Not to mention similar deals with, for instance, the US Fourth Reich's Fascist Ukraine government, put in power and supported with billions in arms and money to destabilize relations with Russia.
* The US Fourth Reich has become a global disease, a cancer eating the earth. I hope somebody finds a cure, soon!


The MIC would love to sell weaponry of any type to Yemen but, you know, they are poor and cannot afford state of the art killing machines...


Good luck crewing those ships. All the Saudi's will want to be Captain.... :smile:


The Fourth Reich cannot win a war against a country that has no military. That is because the MIC is based on the rich making money and not on winning. We are going to get our butts kicked soon and the propagandized US public will be shocked just like Germany's population in WWII.


The "Empire Files" aired an excellent synopsis of Saudi Arabia's history and its ties with the US a few weeks back.


OK, how are we going to get our butts kicked? They have been talking about a stock market crash for years now. The have been talking about a major terror attack on the US for years now. None of it has happened. All I see is manufactured terror subjects who have been stopped by the FBI to carry out their threats. We seem to have one every month to continue the endless wars on terror.

At this point the US has gone insane with the empire complex. Should Russia, China Iran do something to knock us off our duff we are probably dumb enough to use a nuke. We already have done it twice.


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