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In Minnesota, Ellison Announces Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon, Koch, and API

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/minnesota-ellison-announces-climate-lawsuit-against-exxon-koch-and-api


"Make Them Pay" for the 30+ years of “Death and Destruction” to our people and our planet.


“With more than a dozen pending climate change lawsuits, the walls are closing in on the fossil fuel industry,” he said. “Big Oil knew, Big Oil lied, and in the end Big Oil will have to pay.”

YAAAAAY! This accountability is long, long overdue. I can show you even today how devastated Prince William Sound in Valdez, Alaska still is! From the Exxon Valdez tankers oil spill from many years ago. Easy, just turn over any rocks on the beach!


Thank you Keith Ellison and hopefully Attorney Generals from around the state will join you in this lawsuit or start their own whichever is best.


and reimburse us tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for cleaning up after them for 70 years or more.


I second that emotion!


While this is good news please be advised of an important article in The Intercept
“Pentagon war game includes scenario for military response to Domestic Gen Z Rebellion “”. The war game also includes a response to anti-capitalist extremists.
With more states passing anti-ag (animal) and anti-pipeline protests, our voices are being silenced.


And if they did, the good thing is, it would bankrupt Big Oil and that would be a win-win situation for our planet.


Corporations must be made aware that they will be held accountable for their knowingly false or reckless damaging disinformation campaigns.

The corporate executives that run this sort of fraud should no longer escape accountability, be able to pocket their ill-gotten gains, and laugh all the way to the bank.

It has gone on for way too many years, with impunity and enrichment for the culprits and death and suffering for their victims.


Wouldn’t that be welcoming.

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What should happen to NASCAR? An orgy of fossil fuel burning going nowhere?



On geez LilikoiJammin:
That sounds like the military will be warring on a Generation Z Rebellion. Well LOL military and I guess the Gen Zers will all have to join the military to foil your nefarious attempt to war on your own citizens. Of course by then the planet will be in worse shape and why, after the climate disaster is there any time , money or interest in any more military?

not just for the cleanups but also for the taxpayer funded Welfare they’ve been taking


I’m looking at it like the government,by restricting demonstrations are kettling dissent into the right wing courts .

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Hi LilikoiJammin:
Oh, I see----when all the courts are right wing—there will be no justice and probably no peace either. We already learned that many police are in the wrong job. The way things are now, it’s like having a legalized mafia. : (


I have to bring things back down to earth.

In 1989 Exxon’s “Exxon Valdez” spilled 10 to 30 million gallons of oil in Alaska. Exxon was too cheap to fix the ship’s radar. The jury charged Exxon $5 billion in punitive damages. 20 years of litigation later, Exxon lawyers got that down to $500 million and then they improperly weaseled some of the victims for less than that. No victim should have to wait 20 years.

In our case, we don’t really have 20 years. That’s the problem.


Exactly!! It’s way too late for this kind of legal action against the corporate actors that operated within the laws and regulations passed by our political misleadership class that legalized and subsidized the extraction of ALL fossil fuels. All paid for with our tax dollars. AND approved the budgets and spending for the war machine to steal and profit from the stealing of the fossil fuels and resources of other countries around the world and the killing of the natural world.

These legal moves will NOT bring justice or peace for the peoples of the world or Nature’s living planet.


If protesting is illegal the only recourse is the courts. If the courts are stacked with conservative judges then we are f**ked. Yeah?

Is it Putin or trump? Which one is the real don?

I guess the oil companies have paid out a tidy some cleaning up those spills.
But these companies have covered other things in oil country wherever they go.

Watch Planet of The Humans. Keith Ellison told an activist during the Minnesota rebellion, “I’m not here for these people! I’m here to make sure my kids are alright.” His kids were protesting. " The planet is fine! It’s the people that are fucked! The earth has survived comets, ice age and much worse! The earth will heal herself but we humans will go away."
George Carlin