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In Move to 'Follow the Money,' Mueller Issued Subpoena for Trump's Personal Banking Info


In Move to 'Follow the Money,' Mueller Issued Subpoena for Trump's Personal Banking Info

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Commentators praised the move but warned that it "greatly ramps up risk" that Trump could fire the special counsel


November 8, 2016: a date that will live in infamy.


Grab 'im by his tax records!


What if Trump fires Mueller, and Mueller refuses to leave?


Yes, Trump will fire Mueller. You can quote me on that a couple of months from now after it has happened.

The question, then, becomes: so what? Does anyone REALLY see this corrupt, Rethuglican Congress doing anything about it? A few Establishment Rethugs might make a few sounds here and there to at least appear like they give a shit about law and so forth, but at the end of the day they are not going to punish Trump at all about it. A new precedent will be set: it is ok for the President of the U.S. to fire special investigators looking into possible crimes committed by them. I.e. - the President really IS above the law. That is a very, very, very scary precedent to set, as it literally leads to dictatorship, but it is pretty much already set anyway. The law states that Trump must implement the laws passed by Congress and signed by him - yet he has not implemented the Russian sanctions signed into law 2 months ago. Blatant law-breaking. Blatant unconstitutional action. Blatant impeachable offense. And what has Congress done? NOTHING.

Mark my words: he will fire Mueller, and nothing will happen. The slippery slope will become one big oil-covered mountain.


Every move being made smacks of a classic dictatorial takeover. The problem of course is that everyone knows that Trump is not intelligent enough to carry something like this off. Who is orchestrating this administration?


It’s sad to make this comparison, but what the Republicans exploit and Democrats neglect is the “fierce urgency of now.”

Thus, Rs pass a tax reform package featuring a grab bag of every trickle-down and drown-government-in-a-bathtub wet dream they possibly can, while turning a blind eye to or merely wagging a finger at the corruption and childish antics of the tweeter-in-chief…because they know that they have to take advantage of the opportunity while they have it.

And when the Ds had a squeaky clean presidency and huge majorities in both houses of Congress? We got a stimulus package emphasizing tax cuts, and RomneyCare.

I wonder which base gets rewarded for their activism and threats to throw incumbents out, and which base sees no reason to turn out.


Hopefully , a thorough probe of Trump finances will prove to be the Mango Mussolini’s Achilles Heel.
Dump Delusional Donald.


It’s not so much Mueller refusing to leave as the cadres of investigative professionals in the ongoing investigation and in the FBI. And remember that just yesterday djt pissed off everyone at the FBI. He’s a fool who doesn’t even know where his feet are as he shoots them full of holes. He can’t fire them all.


True that! Beside, I would guarantee that Mueller has Plan A, B, C, and on through to Z. Trump is toast!


We are dancing on the rim of the abyss that is fascism…


While Wilbur Ross and Trump did their money laundering at Deutchbank, they moved to the Bank of Cyprus when it got too hot. Wilbur Ross is now Trump’s head of Department of Commerce. Of course Trump wants Mueller fired. And the GOP Supreme Court may give him fascism. They did this week on his ban of Muslims flying into the US. The beginning of the next civil war although this time it may be blue states refusing to pay the extra money to red states.


My hope now is a California departure from USA Inc.


Well finally Mueller is getting to Trump’s well known propensity to money launder for Russian oligarchs. Not exactly new but at least this part of the investigation actually has legs. Revealing Trump more as a con artist than astute businessman will have impact on his base and it would be interesting to see the various schemes used by the ultra rich to circumvent US law. Whether this is a road to impeachment is less clear. At least this avenue of investigation should be more productive than the big “nothing burger” we keep getting served by the Clinton apologists as to hacking the election.


Yes, November the 8th, 2016: America’s political Pearl Harbor!


But I can guarantee you that Trump will not go down without trying to fire them all!


Good move. The Left coast rocks.
Me? I am Mexico or Thailand bound. I’m currently only eighty miles from Mexico. Baja Arizona is OK, but Arizona government sucks.


June 14, 1946.

The day the Antichrist was born.


The Truth will set us free!


…and millions are willing to stand with Mr. Mueller in opposition to his removal.