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In 'Much-Needed and Significant Positive Step' for Democratic Party, Barbara Lee Announces Bid for House Caucus Chair

In 'Much-Needed and Significant Positive Step' for Democratic Party, Barbara Lee Announces Bid for House Caucus Chair

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Long-time progressive champion Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) on Monday officially announced her widely speculated and highly anticipated candidacy to serve as chair of the Democratic Caucus, the party's fourth-highest rank position in the House, for the next congressional session.


Run Barbara, run!


BRAVA and all the best to Barbara Lee!

Let’s see who the cretinous DINO party establishment corporate-whore wing sends up against Rep Lee to steal the seat, like Obama sent “uncle”-Tom Perez stole the DNC Chair from progressive Keith Ellison, and like so many other neoliberal “centrist” stooges have been trotted-out to sabotage true progressives and the radical change needed to defeat the trump regime, and maintain the Clinton-Obama wing DINO status quo!


“my career has been dedicated to finding common ground and delivering results”

That sounds good. If she wins, hopefully the Democrats will have a majority in the House and therefore have some power to do something other than try to stop the Republicans.


Ain’t going to try to top that…


After her vote against the AUMF she survived attacks from the Right and the Left. We reelected her in this district overwhelmingly. She is again opposed this election by a Green candidate who will fail.


I wish Lee would replace Pelosi.


Let’s see where this goes.

Not up to your standards, eh, Mr Johnson?

Um. Two different positions.
Lee is running for caucus chair (and Ocasio-Cortez, according to the story, supports Lee for that post).

Pelosi remains the House Minority Leader. That’s the one Ocasio-Cortez was asked about in the gotcha interview.

“As things are now, no one can tell to whom members of Congress are responsible, except that it does not often appear to be to the people. Everyone else is represented in Washington by a rich and powerful lobby, it seems. But there is no lobby for the people.” Shirley Chisholm, 1970, Unbossed and Unbought