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In Must-Watch Video, Greta Thunberg Warns Humanity 'Still Speeding in Wrong Direction' on Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/must-watch-video-greta-thunberg-warns-humanity-still-speeding-wrong-direction


When Thunberg first became public her message was palpable and concerning. Since then it has become the same. At the moment we know little about who is underwriting her trips and presentations. Who are these, what is their agenda and what other activities are there.

Thunberg’s messaging is what might be termed “folk politics” in the same spirit as “Occupy” and “Arab Spring” but without a visual presence of others and efforts to go beyond providing a “message”. There are a number of individuals and organizations, in addition to their efforts to effect change in this arena, are saying that "it’s up to the youth because it’s their future. Thunberg needs to speak to that community to get them to take action instead of speaking as the “powerless” to “power”.


As usual she is bang-on, one hundred percent!
When I said this last week,. someone -who I could not respond to (for some reason, you cannot respond to a response?), told me to ‘get a grip’ while explaining his wonderful idea and knowledge in science!
She is right, people don’t know -If they knew, that we could still (probably) do something but we are still NOT DOING THIS, there would be riots in the street! Or better still, direct action, demanding their governments to act! That is most people -people who love this life and this earth, our only home., care about the future not just of nature but of their own children and their children, and so on…

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Looks like humans are incapable of “changing course.” The human animal does what it instinctively does, until extinction. Humans have demonstrated again and again that knowing is ineffective against deep programming. Many “knew” that WWI would be a disaster, but to no avail. We “know” that nukes are probably going to slip out of control and wipe us out, but we are in a nuclear arms race… Etc. etc.


500 years of European exceptionalism and the Earth is down for the count- what other society or system can brag of doing so much so soon…


Yes a message that I will passing on to my grandchildren . It’s their voice is power . This article emailed straight to them . Maybe they will start to understand why their grandmother has solar lives a self sufficient life . Head up shoulders back Greta .Keep on pushing . Your not alone .Bravo


Greta is young so thinks if people become aware they will act. But people act mostly on their immediate needs and convenience as all my neighbors do. If it is easier to drive rather than walk or take a bus, if its easier to live by turning up the heat rather than looking for a sweater, if its quicker to fly than take a train (as Greta does) if you want to enjoy a steak… the problem is even “aware” people do these things reasoning it won’t matter much to the climate, why be inconvenienced. But everyone else reasoning this way is indeed ruining the “commons” i.e. the climate…

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At 75, I most likely will not be around to see if your comment is correct, or not; but, there is so much science out there to say you are wrong that I am not sure why I am writing this comment. But, I would like to add one thing in supporting Greta’s warning to us all. As the CO2 in our atmosphere climbs it is being absorbed by our oceans incurring an increasing level of acidity to the oceans of the world. Phytoplankton in the oceans is dying as a result of this increased acidity. Phytoplankton is a chief producer of O2, thus the amount of O2 needed for life is being reduced. Reduced O2 means that all life depending on O2 for cellular function is being weakened. Need I go on.

Maybe you clicked on the “1 reply” where you can’t reply. You can hit the down arrow on the right of that 1 reply, go to the actual in-line comment that way or just scrolling, and reply as usual.

Yes, Greta as usual gets it exactly right—all the parts far more than most “activists” including the ones here. There are 2 vast gaps between knowledge of the problem and understanding how dire the crisis is, and then also understanding how radical the necessary solutions are, given that direness. There’s also often a problem in that people dichotomize the corporate duopoly and fail to understand that neither half of it will ever consider those necessary solutions; that the solutions lie outside the realm of capitalism (although capitalism itself is not the cause of the crisis.)

“being used by Marxist…” Is that “A Marxist” or just “Marxist”? I’m curious what his or her name is; I wonder if I’ve seen him or her at the meetings, Dave. BTW, Greta’s speeches are extremely popular because many people, especially young people not already bought by the system, understand that she’s right. Read my previous comment to understand what the problem is; for most people either the lack of recognition of how dire the situation is (partly due to corporate/right wing lies and partly due to personal unwillingness to confront facts) is causing people to underestimate the radical nature of the solutions that are necessary…or else refusal to accept the solutions (militant laziness? defensive smugness?) leads to refusal to understand the problem. Denying delayalism lives on, in both halves of the corporate duopoly.

Greta is right in all respects, and the fact that our so-called “leaders” aren’t taking her as an indicator is beyond the pale, because THEY know in their own right that the Climate is changing as we speak, and in ways that will stifle our development, and even our ability to adapt to challenges.

And the more I watch the situation develop, the more apt is the old observation of the “Ugly American.” Originally, the phrase meant a tourist UN-mindful enough to just sweep into a foreign country and upset it, just making his way to a coffee bar, while ignoring EVERY cultural grace being observed by the Natives… Now, it means being willing to trod and puke over EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD, if it tickles our imaginary “Freedoms.”

Note: do NOT “re-phrase” world-destroying cases and situations – AS WE NOW FIND OURSELVES IN, lest you risk seeing those DIRE situations “re-cast” as perhaps a “Liberal Obsession,” as they WILL be, by the so-called “Conservative” media and money-huggers…

You can take my word for it, or scope it out for yourself, but remember that scoping things out (ever-yet-again) takes time we can’t really afford to spend (ask Gretta)…

This is not the evidence from Covid, in Europe, anyway: if ordinary people are presented with the facts, they will respond ultimately in sane ways! Same with the far-buigger and deeper threat from the climate; they are just not presented with the facts.
This is the whole raison d’etre of Extinction Rebellion

You advocated for Biden, Greta, you have no right to tell us what direction humanity needs to be on. You are a career climber like the rest. I guess even the young can easily be corrupted.