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In NAFTA Talks, Canada Demands US Drop Anti-Union 'Right to Work' Laws


In NAFTA Talks, Canada Demands US Drop Anti-Union 'Right to Work' Laws

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Canada has demanded that the United States eliminate anti-union "right-to-work" laws as part of ongoing NAFTA negotiations, the Canadian Globe and Mail reported.


At least Canada has it’s head in the right place.

Trump has his head up his a$$.


Thank you Canada!


Anyone paying attention? This is what was bound to happen when “Labor” Day insisted by the bosses was passed with the complicity of the AFL. Time for workers to remember their radical roots:


Is this grandstanding by the Trudeau administration?

Would you be surprised if it was

Or if it wasn’t?


This it great news from Canada on this Labor Day Holiday! If only RTW in the U.S. can be eliminated and buried thanks to a Progressive Canada working to renegotiate NAFTA. RTW is a disaster and an attack on working people, most recently enacted by industrial States like Wisconsin and Michigan.


The next hopeful proposal from Canada would be to demand wage parity with Mexico. Not to reduce wages in the US and Canada, but to raise Mexican wages so that the Mexican workers now making only a few dollars a day, would then make a comparable living wage allowing them to buy more from the US and Canada and other living wage countries instead of having the difference go to corporations which claim Trickle Down economics is the answer to people becoming well off.


I don’t spose that Washington is all that pleased with having other countries lecturin em on Human Rights. Just you wait to hear em squawk when they start gettin ragged on for votin violations. Hell of a note for what is sposed to be a government for, of, an by the people. In other words, Our government not a few 1%er’s. I hear Kenya took a redo.


When Michigan became a RTW State, I was getting ready to retire from the electrical trade. When you retire, you no longer are required to pay union dues. I decided to continue paying dues to support my union and hopefully invest in the fight against RTW as well as more attacks on unions by corporate Republicans. Considering that I have a very good pension thanks to the work of the union and my brothers and sisters, the small amount I pay per year in dues is miniscule compared to the benefits I’ve received over the years, and especially now with income from a pension allowing me to have a retirement that’s keeping me financially secure and with dignity.


If there are ANY Canadians reading this thread today…
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
Thank you 320 million times.


Thanks for the link, Giovanna. That era was the high-water mark for the Socialists, Progressives, and Populists in America. Who knows what would have happened if World War I had not brought all that progress to a screeching halt? That war, our involvement in it, the Espionage Act, the Sedition Act, the imprisonment of Debs, the Palmer Raids, and the “Red Scare” changed the course of history in our country to this day. The combination of those events cost the Left dearly, as war fever and calls to “patriotism” were used against them.


The test will be if this is just am empty gesture and it gets dropped in the first round of talks or if they dig their heels in.

They have a self-interested purpose behind these demands - the Canadian people expect Europe-like social benefits and union protections (they still have a 35-40 percent unionization rate). So they are getting sick and tired of being economically undercut by the third-world style worker exploitation of the USA and Mexico.


I was thinking along those lines.

I suppose it’ll depend on the pressure the labor movement up north can
muster to keep their feet to the fire. Obviously it would be foolish
to place any faith in the gummint’s commitment to holding the line.

If Canadian “labor leadership” mirrors that in the States

Them Canucks is well and truly screwed.


I am a friend of a labor union officer for the Ontario government workers union. They are involved in a lot more activism (such as indigenous rights stuff) than any US labor union would be - and the membership supports it.


I’m heartened to hear it, Yunzer.

I shouldn’t paint with such a broad brush. Some nationwide Yank
unions (as opposed to a number of locally based ones that deserve some
props) are more “progressive” than others, such as SEIU, but as with
the Sandersistas, it’s more a matter of degree than kind.

They talk a relatively good game, and may back it up in a manner not
without its contradictions, but if you’re looking for honest
structural critique, and a commitment to act on it

Best have your passport handy.


“Right to Work” laws :: er, for less pay, few to no benefits, and virtually unlimited employer rights to ‘fire’ or lay-off workers {a result of not having to show ‘cause’ of any kind} :: along with no provisions for paid maternity leaves or family leaves make the U.S. into a Third World nation. “Free Trade” is not free when it means that firms with well-paid workers with more benefits are disadvantaged when having to compete against ‘right to work’ states whose lower costs are mostly due to labor exploitation at below subsistence wages.

I think Prime Minister Trudeau is quite serious about this, as are Canadian firms and workers.


Are you suggesting that employers shouldn’t be allowed to let people go assuming they’ve done nothing wrong?


Yes, Thank you , now see what can be done to make sure we all keep our sovereignty