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In Name Change Case, Judge Rules by 'Sexist Stereotype'


In Name Change Case, Judge Rules by 'Sexist Stereotype'

Nika Knight, staff writer

Rowan Feldhaus, a transgender man, this week appealed a trial court judge's refusal to allow him to legally change his name.

The judge's reasoning? "I do not approve of changing names from male to female...and vice versa," Judge J. David Roper told the court back in March.

There is nothing in Georgia law that supports Roper's decision, critics have pointed out.

Feldhaus's family, friends, and coworkers all know him as Rowan Elijah, which Feldhaus is now attempting to make his legal name.


What's in a name?



Where i live there is a man, a whole man, and nothing but a man wh cahnged his name from Fred Schultz to Free Spirit and no one question his right to do so. As far as I know, you can legally change your name to Jesus Christ if that is what you want to be known as. Thus judge's opinion of an appropriate name is irrelevant.


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How in the name of decency and justice does this judge get away with a legal justification of "I do not approve of . . ."

. . . ?