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In Name of Patient Safety and Future of National Healthcare, UK Doctors Strike



This item is INFECTED WITH PORNOGRAPHY in the tweets.......


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If only our medical professionals had the integrity of the Brits to get out into the streets. If only we followed the example of Cuba, their excellent medical training and doctors working around the world. Instead of integrity and dedication we foster for-profit corruption and big-pharma greed with doctors complicit pushing deadly drugs and phony "diseases", limit medical education and funding for doctors and nurses and technicians.

So what's the State of the Union Barack? Congress? On track with TPP and $1 trillion nuclear weapons upgrades? More environmental sell-outs, ignorance & inaction? Tell us please.....your words will ring hollow and shallow, absent morality, integrity, and justice as almost all your others have.......


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Physicians in the US are barred from organizing or striking due to anti trust laws.


But mostly because US MD's are paid so overpaid, why would they ever organize or strike?


THEY don't think they are overpaid!


Those who drive trucks and public transport have their hours of driving limited by law and the trucks are fitted with equipment recording the driving time to ensure that the drivers get proper rest. Demanding that doctors work 11 hours per day with only a half hour break is plain bloody stupid as it is dangerous. The effects of chronic fatigue are very well-known. As for 72 hour shifts: even the wage slaves in the mills of the British Industrial Revolution only had 14 hour shifts.

The NHS used to be a beacon as to how a health-care service should be provided to the community. It was and is supported by a great many medical professionals in the UK. However, with the advent of the "greed-is-good" brigade under Maggot Thatcher this once excellent public service has been damaged deliberately to the point where the greed-is-good brigade can say it has to be replaced by private health-care because the public system is failing.

The NHS was brought in in 1948 when the UK was bankrupt and the debt-GDP ratio was 200%. To anyone who might say that the UK or any other country cannot afford a proper public health system, I would use the good old English phrase that has resonated down the ages, "Bugger off!".


So? Doesn't the USA have a Constitution which enshrines freedom of speech?