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In (Nasty) Bed With Fossil Fuel

In (Nasty) Bed With Fossil Fuel

Calling out perhaps the swampiest of Trump's swamp monsters, Greenpeace marked World Environment Day by presenting Scott Pruitt, arch enemy of the environment, with his very own used mattress (ewww, wait, WTF?) from Trump Hotel, just like he asked his aide to find on your dime. Trying to solve the mystery of the malodorous mattress, activists figure Pruitt's been in bed with so many fossil fuel lobbyists, he probably wore out his old one.

Thanks sooooo much for lightening my mood and giving me a good laugh. I was in desperate need of a bit of levity after reading far too many depressing but necessary articles to keep myself informed. I love Greenpeace!


My oh my - the perfect gift for the right man.
Super shoppers!

Inquiring minds like mine want to know if it had Russian hooker pee stains on it to prove his allegiance to Dear Leader.