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In Nation Without Medicare for All, 3.5 Million Workers May Have Lost Insurance Over Last Two Weeks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/nation-without-medicare-all-35-million-workers-may-have-lost-insurance-over-last-two

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The problem is systemic. The system is Capitalism.


Soon to be joined by ten million more. Biden within this week has said, I have not seen any reason to change my position (opposition) on MC4ALL.

I have not seen any reason to change my position on Biden. I will vote for one of Trump’s opponents.


As an outsider looking in I recall the Media and US Politicians all claiming that the reason the USA did not want or need Medicare for all while other Countries had put it in place many years ago was because Americans had different values and among those values was “freedom and choice” . They stated that Americans wanted to be able to CHOOSE the type of health care they wanted and if they chose a for private insurance provider it because they had the freedom to do so.

According to this meme all of these workers losing health care coverage made a choice and exercised good old American “freedom” when they made that choice.

As idiotic as this all is what is even more idiotic is there still some people that believe that crap.


Canadian? It’s a lot worse. The whole system is crappy cheap on the service end and expense at the check out. The virus has totally out smarted the US. It is not killing us, it is using the government and the crappy health care system to kill us.


My god damn country can snap its fingers and bring forth 2 trillion dollars and then parse it out in peanuts to those who really need it and give the rest to the rich as a gift. How long will it take for people to finally wake up to this travesty? When is a snake a snake? MEDICARE FOR ALL now! Or we all will perish. Then what will the rich do?

“Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful good society’ which shall now be Rome, interpreted to mean 'more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero


Course those yammering on about “choice” are the ones that have government (taxpayer) provided health care or employer (white collar) provided health care, few are paying premiums, yearly deductibles and large co-pays. Many corporations provider far better health care to salaried employees than they do hourly workers, that is, if they even provide hourly workers with any coverage.

American “choice” is a facade. The issue here is those that got it, want to keep it and do not, under any circumstances, want to have to wait in line with those that ain’t. IOWs they do not want everyone to have the same level of care, their care is superior to most and they want to keep it that way.


Cobra may increase over the weekly deduction the worker makes.
For example:
Family plan, $200 per week, 80/20 with $5,000.00 max out of pocket.
Even with Cobra, the same medical coverage may be $1,300.00 per month - paid in advance.

Each state will receive 2 billion dollars + more based on population. Suggest that medicaid
be funded for families with children first. Then retirees from 62 to 65.

Also, many young people were on their first job and are being denied unemployemnt.
We used to have special rules for this class of workers and discharged veterans because
they did not have earnings in enough quarters to qualify under regular order.

Right! Why don’t you go back and under from wench you came. Any rock will do.

Three words and so easy…MEDICARE FOR ALL.

Are you progressives or not? Do you read? Try it some time.


We are the only industrialized country that does not have a Medicare plan in place. Why is that? No one can make it profitable for a few. Doctor’s will be paid and so will hospitals. Do we need extreme profits at the expense of others. If so, have mercy for all of us and this Earth.


Having lived in a Canadian Border town for decades I watched the local US Border Patrol office morph into a campus (costing $12 million in 2008 dollars) and staff increase from 6 agents to 60 agents by 2010. This is one station among dozens spread out from Washington State to Maine.

Ask these agents what they do and they tell me they ride ATVs and horses in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter…a great pre-retirement gig for agents who got seniority down on the southern border.

Perhaps the gubmit manned up the Canadian border to keep single payer medical insurance from invading the US ?


Smerl supports M4A, why are you jumping his/her ass? The post was about US “healthcare”, not Canadian.


As Scrooge might have said to Legislatures on the Payroll of the FOR PROFIT Insurance Companies:

“Let the Uninsured Die and Decrease The Surplus Population.”

Undoubtedly Charles Dickens would have been a Bernie supporter.

Not to worry my fellow Americans as soon as Biden begins to recover from his Dementia he will understand the morality and the importance of Medicare For All. Right?

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Yes, this shit gets personal as you demonstrate with your post. We are not numbers or statistics, there are real people affected by a system that prays to greed and exploitation. Wishing you, your daughter, and the yet-to-be-born grand-child all the best.


And yet I just read that Biden is way ahead of Bernie in Wisconsin. Americans are the stupidest goddam people on earth. Present company excluded. We need M4A so people vote for the one who told them to go fuck themselves. There is no answer to the question What will it take?

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I fear another 4 years of Herr Rump.

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Something doesn’t add up. If there’s over 300 million citizens, let’s say 100 million or more working, why has only a few million applied for Unemployment? Why 3.5 only lost insurance? I mean, 1 million is terrible but I thought the numbers would be much higher. For example, in CA, only essential jobs are left operating, and we have how many people in this state? Like 40 million?

“God”. Or History, is telling Bernie, and his supporters to make this the central issue in a Third Party ticket.
There has never been an opportunity like this one to blow the two old corrupt parties out of the water.

Bernie is far from being perfect- half a century in politics running the anti-communist, racist, imperialist gauntlets has made him unwilling to commit himself to the radical foreign policies that domestic reform requires.

But his platform: Medicare for All; Free Tuition: expanding not contracting Social Security; progressive taxation; reversing the mass incarceration policies that his opponents in the Democratic Party hold so dear- these are winners. The American people deserve an opportunity to vote for them. Pushing Bernie to leave the corrupt, getting more corrupt, cesspool of DNC politics and going straight to the masses- striking now because the iron is almost molten - is the job that everyone who cares about the country and its three hundred million people needs to unite behind.

Many people are not working,but have not lost their jobs, just temporarily not working. If you are on lock-down but have not been let go, you will still have your employer-based insurance.

Bernie can and should capitalize on his medicare for all stance amid this pandemic. I hope he is.