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In Nation's Capital, Police Harshly Crack Down on Anti-Trump Protesters


In Nation's Capital, Police Harshly Crack Down on Anti-Trump Protesters

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

This piece may be updated.

Riot police arrested and used tear gas and pepper spray against protesters in the streets of Washington, D.C., on Friday, as crowds blockaded inauguration checkpoints and clashed with law enforcement as well as supporters of newly sworn in President Donald Trump.


I'm a bit anxious about tomorrow's actions. It will set the tone for the rest of his term, I think. If the police riot, it won't be forgotten. I won't let it be forgotten.


The ugly thing is...the MSM is depicting the protests as just a "few anarchists." They are televising the ones dressed in black with face masks who are violent and smashing things, and not showing the many honest groups with clear signs of protest.


A big FU to Black Block.

They can always be counted on to help advance corporate governance.



Folks from Standing Rock, indigenous youth performed a round dance outside the gala last night


Thus the utility of Black Block CIA operations.

Any time the Corporate State needs to taint a movement breaking out against their rule, you can count on Black Block "protesters" being there and covered by MSM.

First big success of this Deep State tactic was the Seattle protests, where protesters called for police to stop the vandalism, while Black Block jerks ran amok.


Agitators and provocateurs that actually serve the status-quo and police state.


And you put it correctly, as the vast majority protesting, are there to simply exercise what supposedly is valued in this country, rights of speech including freedom of assembly.

If riots occur it will indeed be rioting police.

Their biggest ally will be Black Block.


When Hedges illuminated this he was taken to task by supposed anarchists.

The alt-left supporters of Trump will likely defend the Black Block, decrying all the protesters as being less than Black Block.


Sadly, infantile anarchists and agent provocateurs feed and justify a paramilitary crackdown that is just starting. There are throngs of strong principled protests. Provocation, organized by the police or pushed by masked hooligans should be condemned. Nonviolence can shut these fascists down and attract support to a growing moment. Hooliganism, false radicalism and vandalism will have the opposite effects.


Yes indeed, "infantile anarchists" are the corporations' 21st century version of Goebbels' staged rebellion that gave Hitler the green light to implement ever more fascist actions.


And meanwhile on the Intercept website, an article completely mirroring MSM, only focusing on the activities of Black Block without naming them as such, but rather the generic "violent protesters".

My comments calling this out have been removed, and that thread is dominated by alt-left Trump supporters.

Edit to this and my other comments......spelling correction Back Bloc


I liked your comment.


Let's not forget that Project Veritas (James O'Keefe's group) was caught trying to pay people to start a riot at the inauguration:


Just sayin'.


Just read the White House website has been changed deleting any mention of healthcare, climate change, or civil rights. usuncut.com
So it begins.
Some are saying his speech was lifted straight out of Batman.


Yep. I posted about that under another article:


Edited to add:

Have you seen the Batman clip? You can view it here, only 10 seconds long:



Yes, T-dump's made his pal, Vlad very proud...quell any and all protests with any and all harsh, punitive ways to silence dissent.


Methinks Chump and his sidekick Vlad are up to something very sinister. Best thing on can do now is get off the grid and try not to draw attention to yourself.


Tell me - at what point will you realize that peaceful hat-in-hand supplication to the capitalist thugs does not work?

The key principle here is diversity of tactics. You are free to disagree with black bloc tactics, as long as you respect their right to pursue them.

Direct action gets the goods.


I'm not an advocate for "hat-in-hand supplication to the capitalist thugs".

I have not made such an assertion even by inference. You show me where I have conveyed such meaning according to exactly what I have written.

As to those "tactics"…

You can wrap it up however you want, I want no part of it.

If THAT is the prescription you are advocating, you best contemplate the ramifications of such.

Maybe it will become all the rage, pun intended, and we can heap an exponential growth of social hell on top of what we already have.

I mean, it is just diversity of tactics, right.

What's the biggie?

No thanks.