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'In Need Not Be Jail... But Get Her Out of the White House': Groups Celebrate Call by Govt Watchdog for Trump to Fire Kellyanne Conway Over Repeated Ethics Violations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/13/need-not-be-jail-get-her-out-white-house-groups-celebrate-call-govt-watchdog-trump


Then they would have to clean house, they are all unethical turds.


Jail would be a safe space for Kellyanne Conjob.


Conway should never have been allowed inside the White House. She needs to go now!

The same is true for her boss.


She broke the law multiple times with impunity. Why not jail? Lock her up!


“Groups” accomplishing absolutely nothing.

But her boss won’t read the letter, and he does not believe the rule of law is a thing that applies to him.


Maybe not jail, but how about tarring and feathering?


Her sin: being critical of her employer. Better to fire her now, than let her speak unkind words of Israel.

“[Conway] is making a mockery of our laws” it says here.
— Well THAT … is just Trump Operating Procedure.

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… but her BOSS is there for MANY reasons,
which include media and politicians working hard to fool the American people.
• And that includes DNC disdain for their own members through thoroughly anti-democratic actions … and stupidity.

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The fact is ANY effective spokesmen for this administration rubs REgressives the wrong way. Your irrational hatred of President Trump despite the most successful administration since Coolidge clouds any type of an objective view. Hell, REgressives hate Ben Carson!

Or what you call bugs, us sane folks call features.

As for Kellyanne, if you’re over the target, you’re gonna draw fire. BOMBS AWAY.

The (alternative) fact is … blah, blah, blah … sounds like KellyAnne has been sitting on your face.

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