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In New Documentary, Omar Khadr Speaks for Himself


In New Documentary, Omar Khadr Speaks for Himself

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Viewers in Canada and beyond are finally getting the chance to hear directly from Omar Khadr, once the youngest detainee at Guantanamo Bay prison, who has spent the last 13 of his 28 years in custody.


Like many Canadians i watched this powerful documentary last night on the CBC. Maybe the most amazing thing about the Omar story at this point for me is his equanimity and tone. i can’t imagine how he can have gone through all this and not be a hate filled spittle spewing nut case, but somehow he isn’t as even his captors say in the doc.

Canadians and Americans should be ashamed of what the forces of evil have done and continue to do in our names.


Those were my thoughts exactly when I saw him interviewed just after his release a few weeks ago. His radiant smile alone indicates the lovely soul within.


I’ve been following Omar’s case since i first heard about it. then we were insisting that as a child soldier, he is a victim, and cannot be charged as a perpetrator.
i never believed he threw that grenade, because after the compound was bombed a soldier went in t and found Omar in a corner, with his back turned. the soldier shot him twice in the back.
i believe that this was the first time in military history that an invading aggressor ever charged people defending the invaded country with “murder” talk about exceptionalism!

Omar is indeed a very beautiful person and very strong and brave to have come through al this. May he havealong and peaceful life!


hi catsma, thanks for reminding me about that very informative few seconds of the doc. IMO it showed how deeply Omar has been broken by those years of abuse by our dear leaders and their servants.

It could well be that Omar has a form of PTSD that will haunt him throughout his life and that the calm nonthreatening demeanor is a mask he has had to develop as a defense against a total breakdown.

Maybe one day we’ll read that Omar has lashed out at his torturers or that he has gone insane and lies in a darkened room in total depression or maybe not. But in any case it will be our corporate controlled dear leaders and those who silently wallow in their criminal entitlements that are the guilty parties not Omar.