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In New Hampshire, Kamala Harris Makes Clear She Is Not With the Democratic Socialists


In New Hampshire, Kamala Harris Makes Clear She Is Not With the Democratic Socialists

Jon Queally, staff writer

Distancing herself from the label that more progressive lawmakers such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have embraced in recent election cycles in the United States, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) made it clear during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Monday that she does not consider herself a democratic socialist.



Bye Felicia



"Say it isn’t so, Joe. I mean Kamala."



You are either with the machine, or you are with the revolution. As ragtag a revolution as it is at the moment.



Establishment Democrats have successfully manipulated the Putin is the root of all evil meme so that now all critique of Democrats, from the left, is dismissed as the work of Russian Trolls.

ex: https://theintercept.com/2019/02/13/ados-kamala-harris-cory-booker-russian-bots/



Well here is the 1st not to get my vote. I haven’t paid attention to the 20 so far offering, but she just announced she isn’t the one.



Shocked…I am just Shocked!!!



Good for her. She is right - it is about equity and fairness.



Shocked just shocked … has anybody told her the cold war ended 30 years ago?

so she’s for more incrementalism that will likely not improve life for anyone who isn’t a millionaire already.

corporate Democrats are so inept



true but the game is rigged … the corporations own this country … they write all the laws to benefit themselves

they look at their workers as non- human

look at what GM just did with 15,000 layoffs and the company is profitable and the CEO is a hundred millionaire

the system needs to be UN RIGGED and Kamala will not do anything about that




Neoliberal. Prosecutor.

I hope no one’s With Her ™. Except our own resident corporatists, of course.



She will work very hard indeed to crush any of those pesky movements from the radical left that want this nation to spend its collective wealth on things like healthcare, education, a so-called green New Deal, or anything else that will tip the money cart of Corporate State Democrats.

She is clearly one of them. Soon insults akin to “Bernie Boys” will emanate from her campaign, and probably even the racist card like Hillary played against Sanders supporters. Look to Harris for Clinton playbook tactics all of the way, every day.

I’m already burnt out.



“Blah, blah, blah,–we need a course correction. Blah, blah, blah,–we need a course correction.”

Long on problems, short on solutions are you, Kamala. I remember Bernie in 2016 offering specific solutions along with documenting how they would be funded. That is the standard that I seek in all candidates now.



Equity and fairness are impossible for the masses under the current capitalist construct.



When Nancy and Chuck were able to re establish themselves as the leaders of the hapless democrats, the course was set for 2020. Expect another clintonian. It’s the only arrow the establishment democrats have left.
We see two distinct brands of minority candidates these days. You have the ones that managed to make it, and whose highest priority is to reach back and help pull others up with them. Then there are the ones who became successful and believe it was because of their own effort alone and just can’t see why more of their peer group can’t do the same. Harris is definitely in the camp of the latter.



‘Equal Opportunity’ = The last democrat candidate’s ‘Incremental Change’. Campaign jingo so as not concern Wall Street Funders. Her first action, months ago before announcing, was to go to the Hamptons to chat with her Wall Street pals about what they wanted. I am going to take a wild a… guess, it was not about ‘Equal Opportunity’ for the peasants. The only ‘Equal Opportunity’ from wall street walkers will be an opportunity for the fat cats to get fatter while the middle class sinks further into the middle poor.



There is really only one candidate in either of the corporatist parties worth considering, and that’s Tulsi Gabbard, and she strangely seems never to be mentioned when Democrat contenders are discussed.



Corporate Democrats are traitors to the working class.



Poor dear may be underestimating the national mood for change. Working class did not run up the deficit and education, to the extent of one’s ability, as well a health care should be an American human right, born wealthy or poor. Can’t we get it through our thick sculls that highways, law enforcement, government etc are paid for by working people poor people taxes. I pay federal and state taxes on every gallon of gas, and every dollar I earn with ss while the so called entrepreneur can deduct every penny he spends on his leer. Jeff Bezos didn’t spend any money on taxes because he plowed earnings back into expansion. As a wage earner I can’t deduct any expense. I’m even taxed on my ss retirement



YUP time to change it. Being bold shouldn’t be a mental disease.