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In New Shock Poll, Sanders Has Landslides Over Both Trump and Bush


In New Shock Poll, Sanders Has Landslides Over Both Trump and Bush

Brent Budowsky

In a new McClatchy-Marist poll, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) leads Republican candidate Donald Trump by a landslide margin of 12 percentage points, 53 to 41. In the McClatchy poll, Sanders also leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) by a landslide margin of 10 points, 51 to 41.


This is good news, but what about Sanders vs Carson?


Alas... the law of unintended consequences.

Suppose the elites, in their wish to maintain the veneer of Democracy through "open" elections gave Mr. Sanders some media time... never expecting him to garner such massive support?

Naturally, they must return to the maxim that requires a lie be told often: That Mr. Sanders cannot win. That Hillary is the presumptive nominee. That Mr. Sanders is too "left" for this nation, and all the other bunk.

The mood in America is reaching a fever pitch.

Hispanics are fed up with their families being torn apart to satisfy some dubious border patrol paranoia that just so happens to fatten the coffers of lobbyist firms like Correction Corps. of America.

The police state and its gargantuan Homeland Security apparatus are profitable business opportunities to those without conscience; those that find it easy to lock up their fellow brothers and sisters.

Those laboring under a ridiculously deflated minimum wage are also fed up and fighting (as well as organizing) in city after city to see an increment passed.

Parents of children in inner cities are fed up with public school closures while thousands of other parents are fed up with the idiocy of standard tests cannibalizing what should be a a curriculum designed to enhance learning.

Those facing bloated insurance payments and/or serious health challenges are fed up with the usurious medical-industrial complex.

Persons living close to pipelines, coastlines that ran amok with oil spills, fracking operations, and super-fund, toxic clean-up sites are fighting these industrial polluters.

And so much else.

Sanders is sincere. He's not bought and paid for. He cares about this nation's people and wherever he goes, he rallies people to the cause of change. It may not yet be THE change that would dynamically alter U.S. martial foreign policy; but it's hoped that it will evolve to that.

The question then is--can the elite powers control the vote, use media as a strategic weapon against Sanders, or will they do him harm... if it becomes too difficult to dismiss the type of support he's garnered?

I would like to think that the 1% will give back what their takeover of our govt. in recent years has gifted them with (see Piketty Study for financial evidence of this assertion) , but there are indications that the most criminal among that upper echelon are going for all-out global controls.

May the spirit of FDR rouse the nation again... all the wealth that deregulation devices has enabled to coalesce into too few hands has taken control of too much in the way of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. With all this disproportionate weight at the tippy top of the financial pyramid, one senses that this condition cannot be sustained.

The center cannot hold.


Can you honestly take seriously a medical doctor who would equate support for abortion with that of slavery?

This guy must be a savant. That is, one who has genius in a limited area but is a total buffoon in others.

He's lied a good deal about his own past. Seems like the Republican "American political idol-makers" figure if the Dems can "do an Obama," they'll prop up their own Black Man Wonder.

Carson's misogyny, cloaked behind his Christian Brand is repugnant.

But then any Black individual who can join the Republican team has to have a Paul Ryan taint to his own soul.

How about Colin Powell exploiting Equal Opportunity programs only to take THAT ladder away from the next generation of bright Black kids striving for futures more productive than flipping burgers or shooting at assigned human enemy targets?

Carson says no to abortion following rape (as basis for conception); and his Horatio Alger--pulling himself up by his own bootstraps--would be used to take what's left of any safety net away from the neediest of Black Families.

This guy is a sociopath.

An analogy to the Matrix film trilogy is apt. A lot of people are still inside the illusion, and when they are stuck inside that paradigm, reason cannot reach them.

An attorney I dated some time ago--who graduated at the top of his class and stunned me for his (former) brilliance came back into my orb when Obama was first running. I was shocked when he touted the then popular media harassment about John Edward's hair. But when he said "Obama is a great man," and I countered, "That remains to be seen," i realized that like so many, he was impressed that a handsome Black guy had gotten that far (politically and in terms of his career) within a White Racist society.

Recently, I had lunch with a female attorney friend who lit up about Ben Carson. At the time, I wasn't too familiar with his positions. But I tell you, I have totally lost respect for her... that she'd consider him at all. In an era that's been long programmed to packaging OVER content, I think my female attorney friend is judging Carson on the basis of his career bona fides.

A teacher friend who used to live in the Florida Keys and moved to North Florida (as I did) was showing me her bees. She's become a bee-keeper. Then she slid in, "Obama's a socialist" and her understanding of Socialist was that of the Nazi national socialist party. I knew she'd come to this ridiculous assumption due to her Fox-News T.V. watching ultra right wing Christian daughter.

My point is that so many people, having been mesmerized by a wholly deceptive media are absolutely lost in their delusions and they cannot SEE what is true.

Many in these threads attribute blame to the deceived rather than those who are doing the deceiving. The thing is, if people don't realize they're being lied to, it's as if they are in a virtual sleep state. And the awakening that will come, and for many, is inevitable is not assisted by casting blame.

The child who's abducted is not the guilty party for being led into the abductor's vehicle.

When everyone in one's circle shares the same delusions--media-based--persons cannot see themselves as under any sleep-like spell.

Mother nature and inevitable financial collapse will provide ample wake-up calls.

Watch for falling debris.


There's not an FDR running. Don't forget, FDR was a traitor to his class for the things he did in office. That's what made him such a successful president too.

I don't see that with Sanders, or Clinton. Let's not mention the crazy ones.

That said, if I could vote in a US election, I'd vote Green.


YOU are the one pushing the class item. I am well-aware how FDR was perceived by his peers.

The important analogy--which you chose to overlook--is the way that Mr. Sanders is articulating policy that would begin the process of stripping the very rich of their disproportionate (largely gotten through tax policy that their paid enablers wrote, or offshore tax avoidance that their attorneys devised, or inheritance tax law that allowed them to maintain riches from generation to generation, or prejudicial--to workers/homeowners--policies that their political puppets made into law) gains. THAT mirrors the pattern of Great Depression to New Deal.

This time it's Great Depression cover-up to... Sander's intended "new deal."


Yes, brilliant in one area but an idiot religionist slave in others - "the pyramids were built by Joseph for grain storage as told in the Bible" - “Now all the archaeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs’ graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big — when you stop and think about it, and I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time — to store that much grain.” - say what!? Literal belief in the Bible goes so-far beyond "religion" into the realm of fantasy.

The ostensible "separation between church and state" now a tragic joke of deadly proportions with the candidacy and popularity (lots of believers out there) of a person that relies on biblical mythology to guide his beliefs (and those of voters) and it follows naturally his political decision-making processes - he should have stood with brain surgery...............


The Egyptian phase of pyramid building was a time of deep occult knowledge. According to Edgar Cayce, a priest from the destroyed continent of Atlantis made it to Egypt and began teaching about non-material components of reality in what was later termed, "The Mystery Schools."

If you go to New York's Metropolitan Art Museum, you can see lots of old sarcophagi. The captions that accompany the exhibit explain how the underground tombs used to bury the dead also contained detailed DIRECTIONS. The idea, and I kid you not, was that since an understanding of reincarnation was known, those citizens of the Age of Taurus (the sign associated with ownership and banking) secured a system--they thought would be foul proof--based on reconnecting the returned soul with his or her bounty!

There were very impressive rituals that also went on. I happen to believe I lived during that era and was an Initiate. A powerful and compelling book on this subject is "Initiation" by Elizabeth Haich, should you be genuinely interested in a deeper description of the pyramid culture than that which is relayed by academia.

Fifteen years ago when I moved to St. Pete. Florida, I befriended a bibliophile who owned a small indpt. bookshop. He had very little interest in astrology, but recommended that I read "The Spear of Destiny" by Nigel Ravencroft "if I truly wanted to understand the significance of the occult in modern history."

I'm glad I took him up on that suggestion as it explained things about Germany's nazi party (upper echelon) that as the author duly noted, would never be taken seriously by academics today.

I am going to post a link to something about the Bilderberg Group and its Bohemian Grove ritual. It's a known fact that the U.S. military upper echelon imported Nazis after W.W. II. It's quite plausible that warriors sworn to war (and thus under homage to Mars) appreciated the same sorts of rituals... those based on blood that would increase their own dark powers... in taking blood.

Here it is:


The Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985, narrowing the Party's mission to GET MORE CORPORATE MONEY THAN THE GOP, thereby turning the Party into a billion dollar organization that gets 95% of its revenue from Wall Street and its corporate cronies.

The 21st century Democratic Party's highest priority is keeping the corporate dough flowing in. Winning elections is a distant second priority. Had the Party not derailed and castrated Howard Dean in 2004 he would have done much better than Kerry did against Dubya, but the corporate money flow to the Democrats would have slowed. Although Kucinich would have done at least as good as Obama against McCain its hard to make an objective analysis of 2008 since the September financial meltdown assured a Democratic Party victory in November 2008, no matter who the nominee was.

Hillary is a corporate money magnet and Bernie is not. The Democratic Party will do whatever it takes to make her their candidate irrespective of her chances of winning the November 2016 election.


The same poll has Carson leading Sanders by 2 percentage points which suggests is what the country really wants is someone who believes that Egyptian pyramids were used for storing grain, wants to end Medicare and Medicaid, advocates a flat tax which would reduce taxes for billionaires, and has absolutely no experience in government. Seriously, trying to interpret these match-up polls is going to lead to some strange conclusions.


"This guy must be a savant". One who has genius in a limited area but is a total buffoon in others.

That is a perfect description of Donald Trump!


This article points out that the media's assessment of the candidates' chances of winning does not reflect Bernie's very obvious and steadily increasing popularity with the voters.

The media's role is not of a Svengali (although they'd like to think that they are) as the public will make up their own mind but based on what they perceive is the general trend of the population. A good part of that process is based on what they pick up from the media and how that is distilled through the conversation of their friends and family.

Trump was featured in the media early on and his popularity grew. How could it not with the media constantly talking about his drawing big crowds. The media doesn't admit that it isn't covering Bernie who at that time (and even more so now) was drawing much bigger crowds and had the media featured him like they did Trump, Bernie would be the runaway win candidate by now. But they barely mentioned Bernie's growing crowds.

Time passes and Trump as predicted shoots himself in the foot as he is sticking it in his mouth. Trump would have done better just going around saying I'm a winner who is going to win because thats what winners like me do. Instead he talked and is finding out that just being rich is not the same thing as being likable despite being able to fire anybody who doesn't agree with you.

So the media looks to switch their focus elsewhere. The public seems not to hate Carlson and Jeb is still disappointing everyone by remaining Jeb. The other republicans are merely standard clueless republicans which is not all that big a draw for popularity with the public who want change (not a Bush 3 or possibly worse).

I think Carlson assures them that >>> "Well even if he doesn't really know what he is talking about, he must be smart because he is a doctor". They aren't sure that he isn't a loony though and he may be the media's sacrificial lamb this early in the game. Trump arose and Carlson arose and even though Jeb makes them doze, arose is arose by any other name. Jeb is still the corporate rose. IMO.


Thanks SiouxRose. The truth is out there. There is far more in our history and pre-history than is revealed and acknowledged openly. We have lost great knowledge over time. The reality the video essay/documentary shows truth as far as I was able to watch at this time. We saw a coup d'etat with the conspiracy assassination of President Kennedy with oswald cast as well-groomed patsy, there is no doubt. We saw the extension and consolidation of that coup with the 911conspiracy attacks with "Islamic" terrorists cast as well-groomed patsy's there is little doubt. Next July we will see the powerful at the grove cavorting and conspiring there is little doubt.


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I should have been clearer.

I don't see either one of the main D candidates as being able or willing to overturn the last 40+ years of rightwing lunacy. There is no chance of either of them imposing 50%+ tax rates on the rich. There will not be any seizure of assets, but there might be some mass destruction involved when the effects of climate change become more obvious.

Eat, drink and be merry.


We know that the oligarchy will use every resource to keep Bernie from winning and that if he did win they would obstruct, demonize and destroy him. The only candidate the oligarchy can't kill is all the people making the laws from the grassroots.

Direct democracy.


Right you are. This article ignores the fact that as of now, Clinton enjoys a huge lead in nationwide polls over Sanders, making these hypothetical match-ups interesting but irrelevant. I will support Sanders unless he quits and asks his followers to support Clinton.


I think Donald Trump is just a low-life card-carrying narcissist and con-man born to wealth and able to gamble and parlay it into a fortune based more on debt than actual assets.


I like introducing concepts, books, videos, etc. into this forum. About 2 weeks ago I was listening to NPR and the program invited authors on to discuss their books. (I just ordered this book, so I can't fully comment on its contents.) In any case, the topic was "Drinking in America."

How many people realize how significant alcohol and/or intoxication have been to leaders and many of the laws and policies they've written?

Once I read the book, I'll be back to report more.

As a university student I was struck by how many celebrated authors were angry, bitter, depressed Alcoholics. I certainly DID notice that back then.

I've had friends ask me what's the difference between getting high on pot versus getting "high" on booze.

Anyone who's done any spiritual or body work (and that would include a serious commitment to meditation, martial arts, Yoga,and healing methodologies that call for inner alignment) knows that POT triggers the higher chakras (self), whereas booze energizes the lowest chakra. It's associated with wanting to get laid, as well as the fight or flight syndrome.

What was humorous to me was how many Puerto Rico rural bars had signs up stating that NO politics could be discussed there. The proprietors no doubt realized that violent fights could easily break out over disagreements stemming from diverse political loyalties.

In Key West, infamous Duval Street has lots of T-shirt shops and 2 of my favorites (which are big sellers) are:

"If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport."

"Instant asshole: Just add alcohol."

'Nuff said.


The limits of your sight in no way inform reality or its future possibilities.