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In New Study Naming Pollution the 'Largest Environmental Threat to Health,' US Ranks Among Top 10 Nations for Premature Deaths

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/18/new-study-naming-pollution-largest-environmental-threat-health-us-ranks-among-top-10

This is what rules and regulations protect against.

Keep voting for the two corporate/military political parties and watch as the United States of America races towards the top of this list of 10.

I live organic and vegan, but my body, yard, birds, bees, rabbits and edible plants and trees are poisoned by my neighbors using Roundup and other poisons, and having pest control companies spraying poison that comes into my lungs, home and yard when the wind is blowing from that direction.
I also have a neighbor who illegally burns trash, including plastics.
And then there’s the neighbor who has what might be the world’s largest, noisiest and smelliest leaf blower.
Our entire society is based on pollution and feckless polluters.

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What Rules and regulations Ponyboy ??? It may have escaped your attention, but over the last THREE U.S. Presidents the authority empowered to oversee these rules and regulations has been gutted. It no longer has the manpower or funding to perform it’s job. To make matters worse, the rules and regulations are being watered down as I write this.
So pray tell, what’s the point of those rules and Regs if they cannot be enforced ???

Pollution is the problem - causes global warming and climate change, plastic in the ocean, polluted air and water, our entire food supply contaminated with pesticides, forever chemicals in the rain … and the list goes on and on and on …

This is America. Profit always takes precedence over life.