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In NFL and Beyond, National Anthem Protests Spread


In NFL and Beyond, National Anthem Protests Spread

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

From youthful to more seasoned athletes, from on the field and off, national anthem protests against racial injustice show no sings of abating since they were sparked by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick one month ago.


The Political Establishment is terrified of this movement.

After Vietnam, they did their best to distract young students from the idea that their opinions on Politics and world affairs counted. Now, a New generation of students is waking up, looking around and saying:
"Wait. This Is Not the Country I Believe In. What happened to the America I learned about in History Class?"

And that Terrifies the fat old White Men who have been running things for the last 50 years. Students getting "Uppity" and Protesting derailed the Vietnam War Profit Machine 45 years ago and the FOWM Hate losing their Cash Cow Wars.


I'm proud of Colin for doing what he did, but wish that he had said, when asked his reason for doing so, that he had added that he also wanted action taken against the threat of global warming.


Have any white athletes participated? They should.