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In No Fly List Retaliation Case, Court Rules American Muslims May Not Seek Damages from FBI Agents


In No Fly List Retaliation Case, Court Rules American Muslims May Not Seek Damages from FBI Agents

Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof

A federal court ruled American Muslims, who claim they were placed on the No Fly List after refusing to become informants, are not allowed to sue FBI agents for damages.


I am continually struck by what is revealed in plain sight by the increasing alternation between socialized costs (enabling the poisonous 'externalization of costs') that mushroomed since "Citizens United" and privatized benefits. In fact, in that CU 'citizens' is a designation under the 'dominion' dominated by corporate monopolies, citizens as human beings are being conceptually 'dehumanized'. I'm reminded of the science fiction device of the severed space walk tether that snakes through 'empty' space - and its inevitable accompaniment by spectacle of deep space explosion. Spectacle being the operative emotional driver, reminiscent of the spectacle of Clinton saying "I feel your pain".

The extent of extractive value sequestered by bloating dysfunctional and increasingly arbitrary corralling of thousands, nay, millions in quasi suspension represents a methodology whereby the coin of the realm is not money, but a bogey extrapolation of the 'middleman' function - an economy of militarizing PR that is a floating derivatives 'economy' in and of itself. Just think of it. What is the value of civil liabilities that this distortion represents? Not to mention that it represents very real damages to very real lives. One is forced to 'do time' without any rule of law whatsoever.

It seems to be a perversion of the concept of 'mandamus' based on rationalizations from falsified reasons to go to war and the entire bloody trail that has and continues to ensue.


When I read this article, I again thought back to the movie Casablanca, where people sold themselves, or murdered, for an Exit Visa, trying to leave a totalitarian state.
* Coming soon to an increasingly totalitarian state near you.


" Agents told them they would get off the no fly list if they agreed to be provocateurs ."

Why this demonization of Muslims? Most posters know the answer.

We need provocateurs in the FBI !




Just in case anybody had any doubt, the FBI has no motivation to protect anybodies constitutional rights. The FBI has no motivation to do the right thing, as in "do on to others as you would have done to you". Why can they put somebody on a no fly list when in the USA we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

Of all those thousands of guys working at the FBI, does not a single one have no shame?