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In Nod to Sanders, Clinton Proposes Whopping Billionare Estate Tax


In Nod to Sanders, Clinton Proposes Whopping Billionare Estate Tax

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a nod to her former opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday proposed steeply elevating the estate tax for the wealthiest Americans.

The former Secretary of State now advocates an estate tax of 65 percent, and said she would lower the cutoff for the estate tax to those estates worth more than $3.5 million—a tax structure first put forth by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who ran against Clinton during the Democratic presidential primary.


Echo that stated above by Times


Hillary is 43% in the polls and has been for months and months now.
If everyone who calls themselves a Progressive votes for Jill Stein then Hillary's presidency will be a flop.
And that's a good thing.


Yep. Hillary responds to voters and we know it's just a cynical ploy. Obama's accomplished nothing and Republicans holding power would be excellent for progressives. Trump said he'd nominate a guy to the Supreme Court that doesn't believe in labor laws--think about how great that'd be for is!


Exactly. Why is responding to popular pressure considered bad? And if it is a dishonest cynical ploy - they need to provide a the criteria for determining that and the criteria for determining when it is not a cynical ploy.


No, Trump will be elected.


A rise in the estate tax is a good thing. I'm for it. My own preference would be a tax that starts much lower and is progressive. In general, I don't like strict cutoffs and flat tax levels. I also don't think that married couples should get a double benefit - a little more - but not double. The article talks about lowering the $5.4 million exclusion down to $3.5 million, but that is really a $10.8 million exclusion for married couples and a weak proposal to slide that down to $7 million. Way too high in either case for my tastes.


Trump will not be elected. That possibility is raised by Hillary supporters and is a lie.


Trump will not be elected. That possibility is raised by Hillary supporters and is a bold faced lie.


Nobody should be allowed to leave any cash, bonds, property, etc. to anyone after death.
Every estate should be taxed at 100%.
If one wants to leave their children, grandchildren or somebody else something then they should do it before they die.
Otherwise the state gets it.


I disagree with that. People don't know when they are going to die. A person of modest means might have some retirement savings that allows them a living wage in retirement. If they should die in a car accident tomorrow - with a desire to ensure that their grandchildren can pay for their education - I'm fine with their will specifying that.
100% to the state would only work in a situation where the state actually provided health care, education, housing, etc .. for the people as a right. But we don't have that.


Easy, there, Hill, or your right wing power center's going to start wondering why they're paying you this much money!
Shameless doesn't even begin to describe Clinton. All these off the cuff, Hail Marys she has zero history of supporting, just getting barfed out there in the hopes that a few rubes will take the bait.
Hopefully very few do.


Exaggeration is common among those stoking fears. All of your statements seem to be exaggeration. Trump can nominate anyone he wants, doesn't mean they get approved.


Promises, promises. Seems like she is hedging her right-wing pandering of late - why so late in saying this now? What about her past gives one confidence she will be true to her word?


So is everyone a fool for voting for Bernie in the primary or believing in his agenda? There is little chance, after all, he would've been able to accomplish much either. Paul Ryan controlling the House is going to make it tough for any President who doesn't want to gut environmental laws or labor laws to move their agenda forward. Their is a counter revolution and that's where Ryan and his ilk get their strength.


Whether or not Trump will be elected is a probabilistic assessment, and cannot be considered a "lie," especially since the 538 website gives Trump a 40% chance of winning.


Exactly. My post above was really just in alignment with the thinking in the Green Party platform that calls for a progressive tax above $1 million.


And yet Clinton continues to propose things to disgustingly appeal to the right just as often as she proposes things to appeal to the left. She is pandering to everybody - not just to the left. No panic - that's just the way major party presidential candidates operate.


Remember all the "change" that Obama proposed -- and immediately betrayed the
day after the election?

Hill/Bill need to be in prison -- not on their way to the White House.


Agree -- but we have to understand that the way that the NEW DEAL regulations on all of
this are attacked is by moving the ESTATE tax down to the little guy. That's what they did.

Same with the income tax -- whereas most average Americans would have been paying
very minor income taxes on their wages -- Congress continued to call for them to also have
the "privilege" of paying higher rates . . . . until the income tax was a burden on the average

It is our corporations and their profits -- and the accumulated wealth of the rich -- which needs
to be taxed. But, like all else, Elites corrupt. In the end, can only repeat that capitalism is
suicidal -- and it's an evil which cannot be regulated. We need to move on from Capitalism -
bury it.