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In North Korea Talks, Tillerson Needs Women at the Negotiating Table

In North Korea Talks, Tillerson Needs Women at the Negotiating Table

Christine Ahn
Women think beyond “who wins” when it comes to war and peace.
"Women represent half the the world’s population, yet we’re still grossly underrepresented at the highest levels of political decision-making (minister-level positions and parliamentary positions) as well as executive office." (Photo: Liz Lemon/flickr/cc)
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I can’t stop crying today. I have family in South Korea: a beautiful 14 year old granddaughter. Her parents are teachers, ambassadors for education.
My best friend has a son training at Fort Bragg, training for a mission in Korea.
My spirit is broken. I am powerless. I can’t stop crying today.

From the article:

" If Tillerson is serious about his desire for diplomacy, he needs women at the table."

If the author means women such as Medea Benjamin, I agree; but women such as Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Madeline Albright or HRC are only going to put lipstick on the war pigs.

65 years of men yelling at each other about who has more and better power. Guess they really do not want to settle for peace. With men at the helm it will be either nuclear fallout or climate disaster.

Some 76 million south of the DMZ have been living and prospering to become the 11th largest economy in the world with the amount of &1.4 trillion. Listen to Ms Ahn demand the help of woman to negotiate diplomatically which men have not accomplished after 65 years.