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In Norway, A Growing Movement Builds an Oil-Free Future


In Norway, A Growing Movement Builds an Oil-Free Future

Truls Gulowsen

As a Norwegian, I admit to being kind of proud to see Norway at the top of the UN’s latest global happiness index. And the ranking makes sense: We’re blessed with snow, water, and mountains, effective public education and health care systems, plentiful jobs in a well-regulated economy, and a free and open democracy not too hobbled by fake news or Trumpian bluster.


I have a Norwegian heritage, thus should, I suppose, be proud of what Norway is doing. However, I'm forced to "rain on Gulowsen's parade": Regardless of what Norway does, there WILL be an oil-free future for the simple reason that humans will, within a matter of years, be joining the many other species now going extinct, during this period of "the sixth extinction." (Go to the Arctic News Blog, for example.)


Let's also remember that Norway started up its commercial whaling industry again as well. Despite the government claims their whaling is not "ecological" at all and not confined to Norwegian waters.


Good point!