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In ObamaCare Ruling, It's a Win for GOP, Loss for Low-Income Americans


In ObamaCare Ruling, It's a Win for GOP, Loss for Low-Income Americans

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal judge on Thursday sided with House in their challenge to the funding of an Affordable Care Act program that reduced costs for consumers, proving, according to presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, that Republican are seeking "new ways to make health care unaffordable."

"Congress authorized reduced cost-sharing but did not appropriate monies for it," federal district Judge Rosemary Collyer, a George W. Bush-appointee, said in her ruling. "Congress is the only source for such an appropriation, and no public money can be spent without one."


"Congress authorized reduced cost-sharing but did not appropriate monies for it," federal district Judge Rosemary Collyer, a George W. Bush-appointee, said in her ruling. "Congress is the only source for such an appropriation, and no public money can be spent without one."

Gee, a GWB court appointee ruling against the ACA...what a surprise. Oh, and the TP wackos in the House with the blessings of other GOP House members thinking nothing of depriving millions of Americans access to health care. Let them use leeches and drink snake oil to cure their ills. Of course there will be not "appropriation" or future funding coming from Congress, rest assured.

Oh to be so damn smug and comfortable wallowing in special interest money without a care in the world about medical coverage or retirement or any other financial concern.

Senator Sanders has the solution: single payer and Medicare FOR ALL. Bernie Sanders for President! Elect a candidate who advocates for the security, health, and well-being of ALL in our nation.


When the bastards are ready to take the profits away from the Insurance Companies, we'll know that all these self-described Christians will have turned a moral corner.


Sanders - "At a time when the United States is the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all Americans — and 29 million people still lack insurance" .....Reps "have tried time and time again to take health care away from the 20 million newly insured Americans,"

Yup, it is the ACA, which Sanders "helped write" and voted for, and says he wants to "build on", this plan which was the brain child of the Heritage foundation when it was introduced as Romneycare in Mass, which has left those 29 million people out .... And those "20 million newly insured Americans" - yeah, they are "insured" - paying "affordable premiums" for care many still don't get because they can't afford the high deductibles and co-pays they need to meet before they can get any benefits from this "insurance"

So he now proposes a program that sounds a lot like HR 676, Improved Medicare for All - a bill that he has failed to introduce as a Sen bill ... which if enacted would not be "building on" the ACA but would require the ditching of it ,,,

So let him make up his mind ....

He can't or won't blame the DP for any of this mess - and that is the problem with supporting a Dem, any Dem, candidate - when they are dependent on the party for their political fortunes - they cast a blind eye on the party's fundamental flaws and blame the "Reps" for all our troubles,

So where were all these SP supporters 4 years ago when the one candidate pushing for SP, Stein, was being handcuffed to a chair so she couldn't debate this stuff on stage with the RP and DP candidates, the DP which Sanders is now fighting to represent ...

Folks unremitting attachment to the DP as the only potential "party of change", after all this time, in spite of all its betrayals, is akin, IMO to the pathological "battered wife syndrome" ...

If folks want this or any "political revolution" worth its salt - they have to look in the mirror, pinch themselves hard, and say "time to wake up" - dump those D/Rs and put the time, energy and money they have shown themselves willing and able to into indep candidates - and to ask themselves, IS this all about Sanders, or about his (domestic) proposals, and if the latter then realize they are much safer in the hands of a third party candidate like Stein, than in those of another Dem, even one who wears an "indy, socialist" button on his lapel ...

Folks get pissed at me when i point this stuff out - but until we deal with "inconvenient truths" like this we will continue to get nowhere .... and time is running out ...


It's not my political memory that is faded and "loop-sided" ...

The Reps have pretty much purged their party of moderates, and the Dems pretty much purged theirs of progs, and the ones that haven't been purged, like Kucinich, have been brought to heel rather effectively ... when you dance with the devil, you get to boogie a bit, but step on his toes and there is hell to pay ..

Can't really think of any Dems that "speak against the party" - even Sanders - he complains about money in politics, and about Clinton, but not about O or the DP - his wrath his always aimed at those nasty Reps, not against the DP - how can it be, he is running to represent the party. The Ds don't always vote as a bloc, but neither do the Reps - ask McConnell, who couldn't keep his troops in line ...

Your post is a perfect example of what i am talking about - a refusal to accept that there are 2 "evil" parties running the show - and that is even acknowledged when folks talk about having to vote LOTE ...

I have no illusions about the likely response to my pointing out some "inconvenient truths" about the duopoly on a Dem cheerleading site like this, but hey, it is not only power that we need to "tell truth" to ....


A "health-care" system that is predicated on profits and, increasingly, corporate control, is the antithesis of a moral system.
When the entire mechanism of American health-care is dominated by the insurance industry, hospitals run as corporate enterprises, doctors adjuncts to such corporate hospitals, big-pharma's obscene drug costs and focus on "profitable" drugs rather than what's needed, we have all become victims of this one very important aspect of Vulture Capitalism and usury!

The ACA was NOT health-care "reform" it was a "deal" to include millions of insurance industry clients/profits while doing little to rein-in the absurd and obscene costs of our health-care system. Obama made deals with the devil to pass this charade, that does have some marginal changes in how the insurance industry victimized and shut-out millions for many decades, but a far cry from what we need - and that is a not for profit single-payer "medicare" for ALL!
The RepubliCons want the ACA dead but offer nothing of substance to reform the system of greed and sky-high costs as is their typical MO.

Only Bernie Sanders speaks to the issues of usury and abusive profits- above-all-else vulture capitalism robbery of our nation and people!


I am not a fan of the ACA, but had it not been for the program, I would be dead by now. I could not afford insurance or health care until the ACA and I was not eligible for Medicaid because I made too much money (barely). I could not really afford the deductible and out of pocket maximum, for which I am still paying two years later, but I am still alive to pay the bills. In 2014 I had three major surgeries, one to remove cancer from my kidney, and one to remove a necrotic gallbladder that caused me excruciating pain and would have eventually, painfully, killed me. It cost me $7000. On my own it would have cost me more than $50,000. I was considering leaving the country to deal with the surgeries, but the ACA was, in fact, way cheaper than traveling abroad for medical care.

Had the republicans had their way in 2014, I would be dead. The republican party wants to kill sick people, poor people, black people, old people, hell, anyone who is not rich. Like I said, I am not really a fan of the ACA and its tying the unrestrained costs of healthcare to the public fisc, but the republican alternative is "Just die already." Republicans are the ultimate "death panel". They are not worth the shit that comes out of my dog's ass.


Paid troll? So who's paying me?

Any candidate on a ballot has as much of a chance as we choose to give 'em - it is not a matter of chance but of choice - that oughta be rather obvious ...

Ah, so the only 2 "viable" parties are D/Rs? - no wonder we are in such a mess ...

Your crudeness does your candidate no credit ....


My sister has Lupus and lives in Australia...she emigrated there almost 20 years ago. Were she to have remained in the U S, she would be dead or at the very least, extremely ill and homeless with the healthcare system in the US as it is today. While living in the U S, she paid thousand$$$ in doctor appointments and lab tests to find out what she had and was presented with a large variety of diagnoses NONE of which was correct. With the health care system in Australia, she was diagnosed with Lupus within 6 months of moving there. (She is a consultant for the Department of Juvenile Justice for New South Wales.) She has been hospitalized with ongoing, intermittent episodes or "flare ups" as they are termed that are debilitating and require hospitalization but the costs to her personally are minimal and those costs do not adversely impact her life outside the hospital. In addition, the medications she requires she can manage financially due to the state system. What a blessed concept!

I wish you ongoing good health and full recovery from your maladies!


Every man, woman and child in the US would have medical/health care coverage were the billion$$$ spent by the US on warfare worldwide to be diverted in large part from the budgets of the NSA, DoD and the Pentagon. But the people in power do not want to lose the freebies and donations from all the parties embroiled in the Military Industrial Complex and their lobbyists. A system of very sick and distorted priorities....


The $16 trillion that Congress has put taxpayers on the hook for in bailing out the too-big-to-fail banks (who proliferate war) would become available to fund the first decade of Medicare for all if Bernie gets elected and breaks up those banks. The Obamacare's Rube Goldberg structure has proven to be more of a shell game than a health care program.


Sanders himself has said he "helped write it" that 's why i put it in quotes, and he voted for it ... And he never introduced a Sen version of HR676, the essence which he now seems to support ... We could have voted for it 8 years ago with Stein who has been quite consistent on the subject ...