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In Oil-Soaked Niger Delta, 'Avengers' Bombing Pipelines in Struggle for Compensation


In Oil-Soaked Niger Delta, 'Avengers' Bombing Pipelines in Struggle for Compensation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In the oil-rich Niger delta, where communities suffer "enormous" effects from decades of spills, a militant group claiming responsibility for a spate of attacks on oil infrastructure now appears to have the backing of some community members.


Royal Dutch Shell exploited the Niger Delta and Ogoniland, polluted the entire region, assassinated its leaders, notably world renowned activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, in collusion with the corrupt Nigerian military government/dictatorship, and the people of the region, the Ogoni, got nothing but the decimation of their culture and near total pollution of their tribal homeland........THAT is the legacy and crime of the RDShell oil conspiracy!

"Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed by a former military regime in Nigeria for fighting for the rights of the Ogoni. 20 years after his judicial murder, people in the region are still not benefitting from oil revenues."

Apparently the people of the region feel they have been abused/poisoned and killed for long enough!


"Shell has agreed to pay $15.5m in settlement of a legal action in which it was accused of having ­collaborated in the execution of the writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other leaders of the Ogoni tribe of southern Nigeria." Just the cost of doing business.........


IMBY----We must remember that even though the Niger area may be on the other side of the globe, it is still within our backyard.
We need all to move from the the mindset of NIMBY- "Not in My Backyard" to IMBY....In My Backyard.!~!!
For the Earth is all that we have to support each of us and our future children and their children.. For we are all of the same human family, we must protect all of the Earth, for there is no other Earth for us.... As we move forward and discover that we Humans live on this world amongst many other intelligent races in the universe....Many other races who would love to have and are actively working to gain control of this world and its resources. We as a single human family must band together to protect one another and to protect our home planet which is all that we have, one of which sustains us...but will not sustain us and our children if we continue on treating the Earth as we are treating the one and only Niger delta.....We are no longer adolescents thinking that we can despoil and plunder this Earth..for all that we have is this earth and it is our decisions now over the usage of this Earth and the protection of this earth from others that will make all the difference moving forward.... It is our choice and the choices that we make now will have significant impacts over the future of humanity, whether they are choices that impact climate change or choices that impact areas such as the Niger Delta....We are all responsible for this tragedy and destruction....The Fossil Fuel companies are the primary perpetrators as they did the initial damage, all of us consumers of fossil fuels and all of the shareholders are responsible for this damage....Yes the Shareholders who reap the profits, must also bear the cost of the clean-up........the newmessage.com does address our emergence into a universe of intelligent life......for if intelligent can emerge on this planet, it can surely and has evolved elsewhere....


This is just beginning.... the fight... on both sides, because the oil companies and in other words, TPTB, will not change, will not give up.... until they are fighting for their lives in the morass of climate chaos... they know nothing else. People with that mind set think it is normal to do what they are doing. They understand no other way of being. The world is FOR THEM.


"In the oil-rich Niger delta, where communities suffer "enormous" effects from decades of spills, a militant group claiming responsibility for a spate of attacks on oil infrastructure now appears to have the backing of some community members"

US is so split oil cos still feel safe causing cancer clusters and massive destruct!on and people will be 'distracted'.

now they need to pay in US for all damages they keep causing...record wildf!res in Alberta also from fossil fuels..etc..exxon admitted 30 yrs ago it is ruining planet for greed.....so when will they have to pay damages for what they have done?? they are waiting until people all have cancer and no food and no water and then wont care 'so much' b/c it will then be just trying to stay al!ve.

name one place on planet ever where fossil fuel cos. have NOT totally destroyed ecosystem or produced any non extractive jobs long term.....gulf coast never fully compensated yet and still having spills. why wasnt BP totally 100% banned from ever operating in the US ever again? use all the $$$ from BP for job retraining for oil workers....


What a convoluted mess.

On one hand I support this militancy and destruction of corporate property. How much are people supposed to take before they actually start defending themselves? Violence against property is not the same thing as violence against people, and it appears to be the last resort for this impacted population.

Corporations are property, which cause untold suffering to human beings and their environments the world over; the Niger Delta is just exhibit one of thousands. In keeping fossil fuels in the ground, this direct action has really been successful. (I'll bet it is only a matter of time, before some private army is deployed by aforementioned property to kill any human being who harms the property's property, if it's not already underway.)

On the other hand though, is a demand to share in the profits of fossil fuel production, not to keep it in the ground. I find myself rooting for their success and wishing for some intervention to help Nigeria convert to a sustainable economy based on green energy.

In the meantime, I hope the Niger Delta Avengers destroy every oil rig, derrick, and pump station within Nigeria's borders.


Lets hope that expanding US Military presence in Africa doesn't further thwart the efforts of the Nigerians to reverse environmental destruction wrought by the oil companies.