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In Old Tweets, Trump Warned a President Would Attack Iran in 'Desperate' Attempt to Win Reelection

In Old Tweets, Trump Warned a President Would Attack Iran in 'Desperate' Attempt to Win Reelection

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Donald Trump predicted that an American president would launch a war with Iran in a "desperate" attempt to win reelection—he just didn't think it would be him.

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Caitlin Johnstone reminds us that Bolton is an admitted liar.



And what should scare the hell out of anyone, is Trump could start a nuclear war with Iran if he thought it would get him re-elected! Trump: " what good are nukes if we do not use them"!

Self-fulfilling prophecy.

(In the photo) - at least he’s holding the phone the right way round.


Weird all this talk about Putin and yet nobody asks if the Saudis have influenced the president into a war that benefits them. Do the Saudis own America and it’s president?


From the following article:
‘It is hardly coincidental that Washington is simultaneously threatening military intervention in both Iran and Venezuela. The first country holds the second-largest oil reserves in the ME while the second boasts the largest proven reserves in the world. US imperialism aims to assert its undisputed grip over the world’s energy reserves.’

The color of oil is red. From blood…


Yet one Rachel Maddow suggests Bolton a “Human Being” and as a “Human Being” we should take himn at his word if he wants a war on Venezuela and Iran and if Trump reists these calls to war , he a Putin stooge.

Cloud Cuckoo land.


Protesting much, L’Infant Terrible?

If anyone had any doubts about this entire administration it is one, as the US history illustrates, steeped in white supremacy. To get a better idea of this read The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism, Edward E. Baptist. Trump is not an anamoly.


She is, as Trump, not an anomaly. To get the gist of just how war mongering the liberals can get read Eric Foner’s The Story of American Freedom, the chapter on early 19th C under the arch white supremacist Woodrow Wilson the so-called “Progressive Era”.


Yep. Can’t change the horse’s ass in the middle of the stream of war. We’re stuck with the big orange piece of shit and all the stink that surrounds him.

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The Israelis and Saudis don’t “own” Trump, they’ve merely leased him.

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How much would it cost to get 1,000 spots of that tweet on prime time TV, and at least 1000 of them on Fox outlets? Let’s do it.

Well you are the economagician, so tell us how.

Touche! Unfortunately I have no experience in organizing or in politics in general. Lots of abstruse knowledge, plenty of good ideas, but clueless as to how to put them into action. “Sad!”

But as comedian Jack Benny was rumored to have said, “I’m thinking; I’m thinking!”

Me too. I’m thinking. But if we had the billions of the bezos of this world it wouldnt be a problem.

Yes, and the Bozos of this world (one point on which I agree with the president*) ARE the problem, and have been for 5,000-10,000 years. They and their “bodyguards” are in fact the biggest problem we will have to address in order to keep Planet Eaarth habitable. I’m thinking crowdfunding organized by a small local group like those that helped stymie the TPP (now reborn as NAFTA 2), publicized via Change.org, or something like that. Worth looking into.

(That last part should of course have read “at least 100 of them on Fox outlets.”)

Heads up Donald. Obama didn’t need trickery to get reelected.

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One prediction from the pattern of history is clear: we are heading for world war three. Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict of the past – no exception. It is the underlying motivation for war. Other cultural factors might change, but not power. Interest cuts across all apparently unifying principles: family, kin, nation, religion, ideology, politics - everything. We unite with the enemies of our principles, because that is what serves our interest. Because of the desire for power, every nation/civilization eventually gets the war it is trying to avoid: destruction. Leaders and decision-makers delude themselves, thinking they can avoid their fate – they can’t. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/