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In 'Open Effort to Escalate Racial Tensions,' Trump to Fully Militarize Police


In 'Open Effort to Escalate Racial Tensions,' Trump to Fully Militarize Police

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what critics are characterizing as a "dangerous" move in the direction of a fully militarized police force, the Trump administration is reportedly gearing up to reverse a partial ban on the transfer of surplus military equipment to police departments, according to documents obtained by USA Today.


Trump has learned from his role models Saddam and Assad who used heavy weapons for years to keep their minority supporters dominant over the majority of the population. In the above cases, minority Sunni and Alawites had the weapons; In Trump’s America, only the most racist police forces will be so armed - more liberal city administrations will not be so quick to grab the free gifts offered by the Pentagon.


This solution sounds like the answer to the question:

What would Hitler do?


What would a fully equipped Charlottesville police force have done to stop what happened. Tanks and rocket launchers in that situation would be horribly inappropriate for the situation. What would have helped is to not give permits to two opposing groups for the same park at the same time. They should have been given permits for two different parks. The local police department reacted in a manner that demonstrated no training for what happened. Police training would have been valuable.

Trump seems to want to turn our streets into Syria with large groups of military like police attacking citizens with tanks and bombs. Then how are we to know that all of the military hardware isn’t a Trump dream for White Supremacy to take over?


" …large-caliber weapons, ammunition, and other heavy equipment…"

You mean like 50 caliber bullets? Have you seen what they can do? I have. They can turn a concrete block into powder at 150 yards. What about grenades, rpg’s, and airstrikes? Are they ok too?


It was my understanding that police forces everywhere had been getting surplus mfilitary equipment. The crowds protesting recently, who have been treated roughly were certainly not all minorities and those who plan to protest will not all be either. The ridiculous shooting recently of an Australian woman trying to get police help is just another example of how police problems are everybody’s problems.
And if something is everybody’s problem, then we can get everybody on board to fix it, maybe?


Was it Samuel Clemens who wrote that history may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes? People criticize the antifa, but perhaps they are the only ones taking all this as seriously as it deserves and have somehow avoided being enablers. If you don’t fight now, your sons and daughters will have to fight them and die later.

Most folks here can see where this is going. Well, it’s truly going there. All around me, people don’t seem to have a clue. I read history. Even now, we will not be going back to some gentler, more civil, restrained society without a lot of heartache. A vote is not going to do it and the rich and powerful and those fooled into thinking the erosion on their entitlement and privilege equates somehow with " white genocide" will not be convinced by things as trivial as well reasoned arguments or facts.

Near future’s lookin’ pretty grim. Beyond that grimmer still. Hold on to your butts.


From the article:

“Limits on the transfer of excess military equipment to local police departments were first implemented by former President Barack Obama in 2015 following outrage and widespread criticism of law enforcement’s militaristic response to protests over the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.”

This didn’t start with Trump. We need some more outrage.


Again the response needs to start at the grassroots.

Not Here, No Way, Not Even.

Take Government back from the Bottom Up.


djt doesn’t have the power to “fully militarize police.” It’s up to municipalities / counties / states to accept the surplus and use it. This is a matter for local resistance. Make sure your local government knows you don’t want to see tanks in the streets.


Towns and Cities who support the demilitarization of the police, in fact the demilitarization of civil society in general, should apply for as much of this military hardware as possible. Once these tanks, grenade launchers, machine guns and other equipment is in their possession, they should destroy it.


This particular action does start with trump. Just as many other reversals of policy on many other issues, from civil rights to the environment, start with trump.


From this to declaring martial law is one small step for GOPers:

"All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order"
David Rockefeller


Well reasoned arguments and facts are trivial. This is what goes for progressive thinking?

When the Left abandons reason and facts we lose. Not just elections.


The way to stop the police from being too militarized seems to be public outrage. This is what happened in Ferguson when the police initially responded in military gear to protests. The leaders in communities have to speak out as they did in Ferguson. Politicians who control the police will often respond to legitimate concerns of the public if they are given enough publicity.


This absolute IDIOT must be thrown out of our Whitehouse NOW.


An utterly false quote. Not even a close paraphrasing of what Rockefeller said. Are your sources Breitbart, Infowars?

His speech at the UN is recorded and can be viewed by anyone. A lot of absurd comments have been put in Rockefellers mouth by right wingers and left wingers. He was the quintessential international banker. There’s enough there for sober criticism without the cartoon viliian.


People sometimes ask the question, how is it that something like what happened in Nazi Germany every happen without people trying to stop it?
The answer is right in front of them, step, by step, by step, until it is to late.


Wake up. He’s destroying our Democracy in front of our eyes. We have to stop him now. Mueller, get going. GOP congress, wake up. He is attempting to suppress the right to protest and we cannot let it happen.


Great idea!!