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In Open Letter Calling for Peace Talks, Taliban Urges American People to Recognize Total Failure of Occupation

In Open Letter Calling for Peace Talks, Taliban Urges American People to Recognize Total Failure of Occupation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Two and half weeks after President Donald Trump rejected the idea of peace talks with Taliban, the militant group published an open letter to the American people urging them to pressure their government to end the occupation of Afghanistan, now in its 17th year, and engage in peace talks.


The same shallow and cemented mindset of the trump regime, exemplified by Pence’s rude and low-life snub of Kim Jong un’s sister at the Olympics, wasting an opening/opportunity to a potentially different future, will no doubt be repeated in response to the Taliban outreach, whether it is genuine or no. Such opportunities to prevent or end war, regardless any pre-conceived notions, political rigidity, pressure from the war-machine, should not be ignored or wasted…there is quite enough of that to go around already.


Failed strategies? Nothing could be further from the truth! They know there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. And of course the Taliban are thugs, just not America’s thugs who would support the MIC complex and the drug trade.


So the Taliban understand our dilemma and stupidity and arrogance (they are pretty arrogant themselves, but hey, it’s their country we have occupied and bombed and assassinated in for 17 years). So let’s get out, eh? We have a country to improve, and have no great skill at improving others’. Let’s save our soldiers for a real defense if needed, of our own country (diverse and with a big

debt owed to the Native people, yes).


You don’t hear much about this war from Bernie Sanders and the other Democrats who voted for it. Much better politically to talk about single payer healthcare, free tuition, and a $15 minimum wage I guess. It seems pretty obvious the US side cannot win this war because the Taliban are headquartered in Pakistan and the US troops can’t go into Pakistan to attack the Taliban. So the Taliban just regroups in Pakistan and continues the war. The only way it can end it would seem would be if there is a negotiated settlement between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban. But so far all negotiations have failed. With the US having only a low scale commitment in this war it could continue for decades. Maybe it will end when global warming makes Afghanistan too warm for human habitation. Even Robert McNamara couldn’t see a light at end of this tunnel.


The essential point of the Afghanistan War to provide US junior officers a gateway drug to attaining stars on their shoulders and access to country club memberships in Maryland and Virginia.


It seems someone at Taliban PR is as misled about “democracy” in America as many in the US are. Sure Mohamed, we’ll all petition all our reps, or Presnitwit, and our corrupt military leadership and fix this thing pronto.

That and a fin might get us a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


That begins a discussion of an aspect of our modern military culture that few who have not had the “military experience” fully appreciate.

US has no intentions of leaving Afghanistan, for multiple reasons.
The opium, the MICC profits, keeping China & Pakistan out, surrounding Iran, military promotions … just off the top of my head …


Actually, the war in Afghanistan is a big success, just like the rest of our never-ending wars.

The goal has always been to enrich the 1%, who make $$$$$$Billions on war and preparations for war, and to prevent social and economic justice in this country.


In any case, the U.S. military isn’t in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban. They are there so they can have permanent military bases in central Asia, close to Russia and China. It is a long term strategic play. They never intend to leave.



Yes, that is the REAL military strategy!


Killing Each Taliban Soldier Costs $50 Million

This is a researched article that isn’t new and since this was published America has continued in what has become an invisible war the public has simply forgot about. Even though it continues to costs taxpayers billions of dollars. When is it going to be time for America to leave this war on the other side of the planet alone.

Where are our priorities in 2018? Trump wants to eliminate the safety net programs for struggling low income Americans but it is OK to slide by year after year after year consuming billions of dollars on a war not many Americans even keep track of.


And in other pence-related news, this just in…


Thank you for your honesty.

What a stupid useless post.SMH


Abandoning Afghans to the tender mercies of Sharia terrorists? yes, that sounds like a really good idea.

If you read the details of the Constitution, you find that defense is mandated, social safety sofa is not. Donate if you want, sure. It’s called charity, and use of the State to deliver it is not charity.

Reading the actual document in the words and arguments in context at the time of debate, so as to avoid bait and switch in meanings, we find the general welfare clause is constrained within the other articles and limits, and even the authors point this out. If you reverse this, you wind up with a govt with total power limited only where expressly stated, instead of a limited govt with power only where explicitly authorized within the document. (This was emphasized by Jefferson, or was it Madison, I forget.)

I get complaining about spending, sure. But let’s make sure it stays within the context of the document as written. Not as reinterpreted instead of amended, the sole legitimate method for changing it.

Given that he snowed you on that one, what are the reasons left that he hasn’t abandoned yet?


Maybe these guys aren’t the Osmonds, but hey they make a whole lotta sense. Someone should pay heed.