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In Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, Over 400 Lawmakers From Around the World Join #MakeAmazonPay Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/open-letter-jeff-bezos-over-400-lawmakers-around-world-join-makeamazonpay-campaign

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I am overwhelmed I tell you./s

3 elected representatives and 1 representative-elect from the US signed this letter, Oh the progress we’ve made.
One freaking percent of the signatures.


Boycott Amazon. Otherwise U are wasting your time. Amz is destroying local businesses, etc Shop Local if you can, while you still can…soon, you will only be able to purchase on-line…and soon, too, you will receive your mandatory vaccine, “optional” that is.


Hey, if you rein in Amazon how will China sell all that cheap copy shite sold with misleading advertising?

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Angry letters will acomplish less than nothing, infact it may even embolden them to see just how toothless their opposition really is. If we are lucky, perhaps this open letter will result in a few equally shallow PR stunts.
It is time to take a cue from India where the the single largest work strike in human history is currently happening.
“Amazon” is just the legal fiction which Bezos and his cohorts hide behind.
Like every corporation it is specifically designed to shield its owners from the consequences of their actions.
If we keep going after corporations instead of the people that own them we will always loose, but we can still tear their corporations down.