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In Order to Keep Leaky General Out of Jail, Powerbrokers Went for Broke


In Order to Keep Leaky General Out of Jail, Powerbrokers Went for Broke

Jon Queally, staff writer

Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who revealed evidence of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, is serving 30 years in federal prison. CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, who stood up against agency torture, just finished a two-year prison term. Jeffrey Sterling, sentenced in a case that accused him of blowing the whistle on CIA misconduct regarding an operation of sabotage in Iran, just received a similar sentencing after being charged with disclosing secrets to a New York Times journalist. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked troves of information about the U.S.


Yes, General Betray Us got a sweet deal. He also is now a sought-after “analyst” on the Mid-East and terrorism for corporate media. Why should anyone, anywhere, give any credence to anything disgraced people like him, or Cheney, or any of the other liars about the region and our military have to say?


The best congress money can buy spent the past three decades (or more) decriminalizing (often called deregulation) the crimes that corporations and politicians routinely commit, while criminalizing activities essential to a functioning democracy (whistle blowing being an example).

More than 1,000 bankers served jail time for their roles in the 1980s savings and loan (S&L) scandal, while no banker has been indicted for causing the 2008 meltdown that negatively impacted a thousand times as many people as the S&L scandal did. Talk about a blatant comparison that illustrates the decriminalization delta during three decades,


“It’s a big group and you and I ain’t in it.” -George Carlin


Phuqers are as phuqers do – DC is nothing but an orgy!


Close this corrupt Political City! Transfer power to the local level where common sense resides.

Close Washington D.C., a nest of vipers.


That’s right! You and I are NOT in the Big Club! (But General “Party-Pants” Betray-us is in “the Big Club”, so he get’s a Get-out-of-Jail-Free-Card.)

I want all of us to take a break, and re-watch George Carlin’s many important insights:


I’ve been holding out hope for months now that when WW111 really does start Russia will send the first few bombs to DC – just wipe out the whole ‘seat’ of power. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. Sam Adams is a great example of that. A failed brewer and big-mouth chickenhawk, he was all for “let’s you and them fight” while spending the war as a member of the Congress. Shamelessly, he was also all for hanging the farmers and shopkeepers out in western Mass who rebelled in 1786 against getting stuck by the fat draft-dodgers in Boston with the financial bill for the Revolution on top of having spent their blood, sweat, and tears of fighting it.