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In Order to Liberate City from Islamic State, Raqqa 'Comprehensively Wrecked'


In Order to Liberate City from Islamic State, Raqqa 'Comprehensively Wrecked'

Common Dreams staff

With Syrian city recaptured from ISIS, charity group warns that the humanitarian crisis in the region is "rapidly escalating"


Look at the photo and appreciate the selfless humanitarian goodness dispensed by the USA.


The quintessential “scorched earth” approach to practiced genocide, mass destruction, and crimes against humanity and the environment. Ordered under the tyranny of the diabolical and demented despot and his war-mongers currently occupying the WH and with the blessings of the GOP majority Congress.


just one more drain on the Syrian government down the road. which I’m sure is the point.

by they way, why are people still quoting the “Syrian Observatory…” as if they’re a real human rights group and not one dude with a dog in the hunt?

It’s almost like persisting to quote Chalabi as a “reliable source” for things Iraqi.


I was watching the news from the fires in California. Someone had a drone flyover of the devastation. It looks like Syria or Yemen. Likewise the Hurricane devastation in the Caribbean and Southern US.
*I wonder if Mother Nature is giving us a lesson, a touch of what the US has been doing to poor people and nations around the world. According to the weathermen, it may well get a lot worse before it gets any better.
*Perhaps we should be using much if not most of that bloated MICC budget in helping us repair the damage from nature’s lesson and to help repair the nations we’ve savaged with missiles, bombs, search and destroy, instead of aiding other fascist warmongers to subdue their people and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with us, or has resources the Oilagarchy wants.
*This could be a pretty decent and prosperous nation if sixty or eighty percent of our taxes and labor wasn’t going straight to the Oilagarchy.


This is another monstrous demonstration of the policy of Total War:

An example in the USA history:


The destruction of Raqqa was not done to save it. Washington’s jihadi armies were defeated and thus Washington lost their war against Syria. This destruction was a petty act of revenge.