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In Organic Farming, Rules Are Not Made to be Broken


In Organic Farming, Rules Are Not Made to be Broken

Jim Goodman

Fraudulent organic production, is destroying the organic farming sector in the United States. If USDA doesn’t correct the situation, organic farmers with integrity will lose out to fraudulent imports and CAFO organic dairies.

Peter Whoriskey, reported in the Washington Post May 12, 2017 “The label said ‘organic’ but these massive imports of corn and soybeans weren’t”. He describes a shipment of conventional soybeans from Turkey to California last year that, in transit, became organic, or so the documentation said.


Excellent article. I’ve read several on this subject. One includes that cows on CAFO or farms like Aurora with minimal access to grazing forget how to graze for food. The milk they produce is not much different than conventional industrialized produced milk. The cost is increased and sellers like Walmart have no interest in integrity of what they are selling. Locally source organic if you can or do a little research if you drink milk or use milk products.


Pasteurized ,homogenized ,milk is crap—I would also stay away from soy unless it is fermented. I have friends who say they would never eat soy, not realizing it is one of the biggest crops in the US and if you get fast food or eat processed foods you are eating soy. Soy is fed to animals for fattening them up. We need to get back to small farms.

I do notice that wall mart has cut back on organic,just like whole foods quality has gone out the window,now that these aholes have destroyed many natural food markets. Absolutely buy real organic and support local farms and and natural food markets.


My personal view is that products produced by corporations that are owned by other corporations should not be certified as organic.

In most cases a corporation that is owned by another corporation exists for but one purpose, to maximize the profit for its owner, and thus this “slave” corporation is apt to be an entity that will for increased profit make a mockery of the intent of the rules as it adheres as loosely as possible to the letter of the rules and strives to corrupt the regulators. I would not expect any slave corporation to sincerely adhere to producing organic food with integrity when they would be able to make more profit by skirting the rules.

The corporation is a useful form of organizing work. When a corporation is owned solely by flesh and blood people it is far more likely that they are organizing to provide a service or product at a profit. The ownership of a “free corporation” is apt to be fairly directly connected with the concerns of their customers, and to take pride in what they produce and how they do it.

When a corporation becomes a “slave corporation” it become abstracted into to a source of profit for its owner, and what it does to make profit becomes increasingly arbitrary as the hierarchy of corporate ownership increases. A “slave corporation” becomes directly connected to their corporate owners who are apt to be deciders with minimal connection or concern for the interests of the slave corporation’s customers. I do not trust that any “slave corporation” will reliably and consistently provide me with healthy organic food. I expect that corporations in these hierarchical structures will work to compromise any organization that oversees certification and standards.


the NOP is NO FRIEND to PEOPLE who love and respect and want organic to grow widely. the planet is not seeing any new ideas pushed its way, ways that will improve ORGANICS across the nation or around the world. I write to the NOP regularly on behalf of Organics. Clearly not enough of us are beating on their doors and demanding a better set of rules for the organic standards in America. Good rich soils, clean waters, and unsprayed fields are what keep people alive over time. Somehow, all of that reality has been mowed over by big rich AG boys like Purdue, the chemical companies, etc. It is a disgusting situation.


I submit that requiring corporations to be “free corporations” for their product to be certified as organic will considerably improve the quality of ORGANICS across the nation. (See my above comment for more detail).

Products produced by corporations that are owned by other corporations should not be certified as organic. Furthermore, corporations that are owned by other corporations should not be allowed to grow agricultural products or process agricultural products. Even in question is whether they should be allowed to sell these products or own land that produces agricultural products.


Maybe this would work better:



Thank you for your work and your advocacy!!! Yum for real organic milk!