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In 'Orwellian' Press Briefing, Huckabee Sanders Defends Trump's Repeated Tax Rate Lie

In 'Orwellian' Press Briefing, Huckabee Sanders Defends Trump's Repeated Tax Rate Lie

Julia Conley, staff writer

Since announcing his 2016 presidential run, Trump has been incorrectly claiming at rallies and in interviews that Americans pay the highest tax rates in the world

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I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they put the soul of soulless Sean Spicer in Sarah Sanders.

They even have the exact same initials.



Sarah ‘fact-free’ ‘fake-new’ Huckabee Sanders


We all know Trump doesn’t perceive reality as well as a normal person. The examples are legion, but the size of the inaugural crowd and the number of fraudulent votes in the presidential election come immediately to mind. It’s a waste of time to examine his motives in making such claims. He just doesn’t know, or speak, the truth. Nonetheless, everyone, and especially the news media, must correct his errors whenever he repeats them. Correct them clearly and calmly, the way you would correct a child.


During the past two decades MANY of our local GOP boosters have told me that they don’t care about truth and they rate candidates by how much deceit and how many many lies they get away with. ALL of our local Trump supporters embrace that sentiment.

Saturday Night Live’s Huckabee-Sanders impersonator said it all when she said " I’m no nonsense and all nonsense", a characterization that also applies to many other Trump Regime operatives.


When her three kids come of age, they will get to see the truth about their mother, the vile prevaricating pawn who sold her soul to the devil to get her mug in front of cameras day-in and day-out. Anyone that works with DJT and disseminates his lies wrapped up in pretty ribbons prostitutes themselves and shames their familiy. Just ask Kelly Ann Conway who wafts in and out of camera view…she just didn’t have that folksy Arkansas drawl to spew the BS. How the heck do they sleep at night? Oh, I know, SHS prays to her own personal god (the black archangel of hell) to protect and keep her… And KAC takes a handful of pills washed down with apple-flavored Crown Royal, it looks like.


And, why do we now expect someone who lied ( mis-spoke ) 71% of the time prior to getting 46% of the vote for POTUS, to start telling us something close to what passes for the truth in Washington, D.C.?


He just says whatever he thinks will get him what he wants at the moment. Which is almost always either ego-stroking or more money. Or the humiliation of an enemy or exploitation of a woman.


The conservative mind–so small and so dense–a wonder of physics. Just don’t get too close…


I haven’t slept more than 3 hours at a time since 1/20/17, the doc’s are telling me it’s a good way to die, I cannot help it, I snap awake for no reason…I guess I’m safe from being one of them.

I wish you were wrong about “local GOP boosters.” Without the truth, all you have is illusion and the tragic truth resulting from reliance upon illusion.

Sara Sanders exemplifies what I think is really the problem with Trump supporters. When Trump said Americans are taxed higher than nearly all other countries, she in effect – without admitting it – said Trump meant corporate taxes are higher in the U.S. (which I heard doesn’t take account of loopholes that make the actual taxes much lower than the rates would suggest). The apologists do that constantly: try to explain away Trump’s mental deficiency by claiming he really meant something other than what he said.

Yes Ms. Sanders: the “world” and the “corporate world” are synonymous to you, within your little world.

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trump’s entire career, prez campaign, election, and tenure so far, have been characterized by outright lies, lies of omission, un-democratic secrecy and distortions/manufacture of trumps “facts” that turn out far more often than not to be utter BS and fabrication by a diseased malignant mindset and corrupt personality!
huckabee sanders is a perfect mouthpiece for such a regime of deceit and defending the indefensible, as have all the previous other’s to accept the role of professional liar for the trump regime!

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yeah, like a black hole?


Trump is a perfect president for Amerika, the land of big fat lies. Its entire history is a pack of lies, starting with the founding document that alleges “All men are created equal.” LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES! Lies are what makes Amerika GRATE! And NOTHING will be done about any lies any president utters. They were all liars! AMERIKA LOVES LIARS! It should be called the Lying States of Amerika. Lies are its number one domestic and foreign products. Amerika sells more lies than any other thing, except maybe weapons. Weapons and LIES!

So yeah, “Trump’s Lies Repeated By His Staff.” Wow, there’s some hot news!