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In Our Politics, Telling the Truth Gets You in Trouble


In Our Politics, Telling the Truth Gets You in Trouble

Seth Klein

What’s that they say about the first casualty of war? You can obviously say the same for Canadian elections.

Linda McQuaig, the prominent Toronto NDP candidate and long-time economics journalist, is the latest to be caught in this political vortex. She found herself in a heap of trouble last week for saying this on CBC TV: “A lot of the oilsands oil may have to stay in the ground if we're going to meet our climate change targets. We'll know that better once we properly put in place a climate change accountability system of some kind.”


“It breeds cynicism in politics when there is such an obvious disconnect between measurable facts and what is deemed acceptable within the paltry boundaries of mainstream political discourse.”

The above represents the protocol preferred by the gatekeepers of culture, politics, economics, philosophy, and everything else.

By narrowing the realm of the conceived-of-as-possible, they control the debate and cordon off any challenges to the existing status quo.


It is interesting to watch the ‘mainstream’ increasingly rendered a competition for front-runner status of most unethical ‘brinksmanship’ being hoisted by the explosion of its own petard. An exploding petard propels with such rapidity that those riding its shock wave have two choices: 1) look back and recognize too late how they got there; 2) look in front of them and recognize that they haven’t got a leg to stand on - its already way off the ground. Those graced with the opportunity to duck out of the way learn the strength of humble neighbors empowering each other giving new meaning to ‘instantaneous’ intuitive comprehension and appreciation of operational solidarity.

Centuries of nature erased, presented as something to be exploited, scorned and used - otherwise known as a ‘negative horizon’. Surprise, surprise … wake up to a brand new day. Sunlight comes over a POSITIVE horizon in the morning - and what difference a day makes.


Good article if not so novel. But please it is peddle, not pedal. (:


Sad but true.
Another example of government for hire operating
under the system of catabolic (feeds on itself) capitalism.
‘‘Ask not for whom the bell tolls…’’


The real crime/tragedy/stupidity is humanities apparent terror in moving from a familiar thing that no longer works/is sustainable to a new untried thing which when sorted out will be better in every way. If instead of wasting money and effort refusing to accommodate an obviously dire threat that climate change will bring our"leadership" should be working toward building the infrastructure and skills that will be needed in the foreseeable future.
It is really quite pathetic.


I think it’s the natural human fear of change (the unknown) amplified and used by many of those in power who don’t want to see any change in their status, that is, hold on money and power. Their fear of change (loss of status/power) is equally human, but in both cases our ability to choose to move beyond those basic mindless feelings could change this impasse.
Human history is full of the results of such choices; sometimes advancement for the good of all, and sometimes, tragically, the decision to keep the status quo no matter how harmful.
All this is stating the obvious, but it’s always this same power struggle that plays out over and over.
Can enough people who want to move forward for the good of all make beneficial change happen? Oh, my God, I hope so!!


The older I get the more I think that, in fact, we are wired for creativity but conditioned into an exceedingly narrow description of the actual world we live in. I trained in my youth, in classical western sculpting and painting - learning the technical side of studio arts. It was only when I moved and began to encounter other ways of life, other languages that curiosity arose about the fact that there are countless ways of seeing, experiencing and engaging that are ‘good’ - all of which are at core legitimate, benign, equally creative - any value for healthy life that one might imagine. Rather than moving forward, moving ‘into’ wherever we are seems to be a fruitful challenge. How many elements of modern life are imposed and connected to distant chains that are opaque in terms of relating them to our lived experience of integrity? This, to me represents a portal to envisioning responsible and invigorating engagement where the scope of dissociative stresses begin to be seen for they are and then informed consent or dissent and alternatives become virtual toolboxes.


And then there is the experience of the child who greets you, by name, whose day once again sees affirmation being integrated with a soul going on to do other things… I like to think of this as the perpetually rising sun of love - and an internal horizon. Why do we resonate so elegantly with sunrises? I would submit that horizons are as basic to humans as epigentics and DNA. The horizon was already there to greet the emergence of ‘homo sapiens sapiens’. Maybe we ARE the horizon in the anthropocene.


Telling the truth gets you in trouble in certain situations. Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange & Edward Snowden told the truth. Manning is in jail. Snowden is in exile in Russia. Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Bush gives speeches and writes books. Blair gives speeches. Obama is still POS. Bibi is still prime minister of Israel.In those situations lying gets you off.


Truth is the first love of Liberty