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In 'Panicked and Dangerous' Effort to Undermine Mueller's Probe, Republicans Move to Impeach Rod Rosenstein


In 'Panicked and Dangerous' Effort to Undermine Mueller's Probe, Republicans Move to Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what progressive advocacy groups and House Democrats immediately decried as a "shameless political ploy" aimed at shielding President Donald Trump from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing Russia probe, Reps.


The protests are going to have to expand in presence over time, scope, depth and breadth if they are to have any meaning of substance. The alpha-beting soup squalor has been out of constitutional waters for nearly a century.

Folks, we have a systemic problem. At this point we must be assiduously attentive and consistent as much at local and state levels as national and international.


“Advocacy groups have made clear that attacks on Rosenstein should be viewed as direct attacks on Mueller’s investigation”

  • this is a direct attack on the rule of law, and obstruction of justice! The trump regime and its corrupt sycophants will stop at nothing to avoid criminal charges against the regime and its mental figurehead. if there are any left in Congress not in thrall to the corporate coup, now would be the time to stand-up and be counted.

The “opposition party” and its craven, timid, establishment leaders, are largely silent or cowardly when it comes to being the force needed to protect the republic - they are complicit to the trump regime, unwilling and unable to break from their role as co-conspirator lackeys to business as usual - silence IS complicity!

When Nixon attempted similar crimes there were more people of relative conscience in Congress…tragically that is not now the case, and the trump camp holds the cards - will the people respond or roll-over?

The trump minions are obstructing justice - the “rule of law” has had no real force of meaning for a long time. Perhaps if Obama and AG Holder had actually served the people’s interests and prosecuted crimes against the people and republic, it might be different. instead they chose to “move forward”, political double-speak for giving the bastards a free pass! We might not be as deep in this cluster-farce as we are if Obama, his Quisling administration, and the DP sellout party had not been so neck-deep in the selling of America!


When you combine Sessions repeating “lock her up” we have a very real problem. You are absolutely correct in your assessment of Mr. O hand company. What to do about a fascist government other than the streets being filled is beyond me.


Umm, did any CD staff or commentators want to take a look at the highly
respected Ray McGovern (also C. Hedges) posts that prove with unmistakable evidence that Mueller is a piece in the FBI /CIA/NSA attempt to impeach Trump
and Hillary’s DNC’s illegal efforts to undermine his presidency through the
Russia-gate, false narrative. Especially look at Struczk’s (pron.struck)
" no there there" memo to his lost lover Page. There never was a Putin
spying it was all made up by the Clinton campaign to cover “the impossible” loss.
No wonder there’s no concerted progressive action against the corporate
state’s hegemony.


Isn’t Russian calling you home before you get your ass indicted and arrested…or are you participating in this conversation from the safety of the motherland?


Here’s McGovern’s piece on the “no big there there.”


We’ve been too nice! Time for direct action againt these GOP Henchmen. The Constitution has been shredded and Corruption has undermined our way of life. We can not count on Politicians, Judges, or Lawmakers to do right by us any longer. It is up to the People to do what ever is necessary to end this before They end us. Lets stop the debates and do what we should have done from day one of his fake Presidency.


McGovern has turned into a quack searching for clicks along with John Solomon. The two articles, the Consortium—unsurprisingly—piece by McGovern, and Solomon’s opinion piece in The Hill, work in tandem of course, and are unattributed with respect to sourcing, spun from a single quote. What they are saying isn’t reflected anywhere else and I wouldn’t trust anything from self-serving Republican staffers anyway.

We already know more anyway than what was known when Comey was fired. Neither Page or Strzok have had anything to do with the investigation for over a year now. This is obvious spin, if not outright propaganda.


One of these days you will face reality, I hope. “Strzok’s apparent admission to Page about there being “no big there there” was reported on Friday by John Solomon in the Opinion section of The Hill based on multiple sources who he said were present during Page’s closed door interview.” You may continue with the Neo McCarthyite narrative if you wish, but it is nonsense. Shame on you, McGovern has more integrity than the entire gang led by Mueller, Comey, and friends.


Read what I wrote. What do words like “unattributed” mean, or phrases like “self-serving Republican staffers?” Solomon’s article—opinion piece—actually traffics in the Nunes nonsense, which looks as dumb as people who pay attention to this stuff suspected after the release of the FISA application. The whole point is to bolster Trump’s argument for shutting down the investigation.

Sometimes, what’s going on is in front of your face. The pieces work in tandem, along with the Breibart and Townhall pieces sourced obviously to Republican staffers, on Page contradicting Strzok. Things have not faired well for those who have banked on Republicans as honest brokers, Devin Nunes being a case in point. It’s disappointing to see McGovern and Solomon traffic in their political propaganda, but I’ve accepted it.

'Potential War Crimes': US Lawmakers Demand Answers About US Role in Saudi Slaughter of Yemeni Civilians

I say, Fire him, and Mueller! I’m so damn sick of this entire charade, I could spit bullets.
You certainly won’t see me out at any “rapid response” rally to defend Rosenstein, that’s
for sure. This pathetic excuse for an investigation has taken over our lives. It can’t end
soon enough. You heard Strzok, “there’s no there there”, yet it still goes on. And Rosenstein is a real swamp creature, and so is his wife, both of them lawyers for the
Clintons, having defended them over the years on numerous ocassions, for some of their many crimes. So while the Democrats obsess over these non-issues, the real crimes of the Trump Administration are going on full steam ahead. And not to mention, that Trump wouldn’t even be able to perpetrate his crimes if the Obama, Bush, Clinton Administrations hadn’t set it up for him in the first place by initiating those very same policies. Enough all ready!


“In the event of Rosenstein or Mueller’s firing, rapid-response demonstrations are expected to take place in over 800 cities across the United States.”

Yeah, and I suppose we the people are organizing all this right?

The games go on and on and on until it all burns out.


Keep dreaming, it just may come true someday.

It’s not just McGovern its a whole bunch of intelligence whistle-blowers. Among them William Binney. They all concluded that there was no hack. It was a leak. That’s what the data show.

Where is the “there there”? Still waiting after wasting how much in taxpayer money?


IF you don’t think Democrats are part of the problem, then you are.


Gawd, the leak nonsense again? I’m going to just repost my comments from the other day because this is getting embarrassing. You are hinging your beliefs on 1) way out of date information and 2) information based off of a Forensicator analysis (trafficked most publicly via the VIPS memo) of a publicly released IC report from January 2017. At any rate, here’s my responses:


The one question that each and every American must ask themselves as we eyewitness every single day the perversion of our political system, the rape of our lands, the theft from our treasuries, and the subversion of our sensibilities, is, how much longer before we stop it?



While I understand your wanting this Shit storm to be over, how in God’s name will firing Mueller and Rosenstein, be a solution?

Yeah, the Democrats and the Republicans are both the reason for why our Democracy is gone, but we as Americans have a responsibility to determine what our government does, and if corruption exists and we do nothing to remove it, we have not only failed ourselves, but we have failed our children and their children.

So, I hear that you will not support any protest of our repressive government eliminating duly appointed employees of the Judicial branch investigating the corruption which is in plain sight for the world to see.

May I ask, what would need to happen for you to become interested in putting criminals where they belong?


Mueller and Rosenstein are among the few DC denizens that would not already be behind bars if Murka had real justice.


Where are the Trump convictions related to his collusion and hacking?

Still waiting. Put up or shut up.