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In Paris, Yesterday's Date Looked Like This: 9/11/16

In Paris, Yesterday's Date Looked Like This: 9/11/16

Bill C. Davis

In Connecticut on Tuesday morning (11/8/16) I voted. That night I got on a plane to Paris and slept believing I would wake up the next day to learn that America had elected its first woman president. Two stunned, stricken women at the baggage carousel broke the news to me. All we could say together was "No... no." One woman got sick to her stomach.

Seeing how most of the world records dates opposite the US method, 9/11 has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Yup, why is the USA so contrary and backward about so many things?

Methinks it is just so they can try to prove they are “exceptional” even to the superficial level.

Thanks Bill - haven’t seen you here for a while - you haven’t been a regular contributor here since the Iraq invasion days…

Good commentary overall. Yup. “Reds” is one of my favorite movies…

Davis sez: “George W. was an eight year blood soaked embarrassment. This is catastrophe.”

Yeah. Embarrassment. That’s what all the Iraqi orphans and widows call him.

Trump may sound even MORE like a moron than Junior, but he hasn’t yet unleashed his swinging Dick on the world.

At least Obama and other minimally transparent POTUS waited until inauguration day to ditch transparency. Throughout his campaign Trump and his defacto brown shirts threatened Katy Tur and other journalists whenever they came close to letting facts get in the way of Trump’s lame stories. Although all president-elects have allowed journalists to travel with them, today Trump prohibited journalists from accompanying him on his trip to and visit at the White House.

Of course. It is only the USA which cannot put the date in the correct order-day/month/year like everyone else on the globe. 9/11/2001 for us is the ninth of November.