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In 'Partisan Power Grab,' Republican Senators Confirm Third Trump Nominee Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/partisan-power-grab-republican-senators-confirm-third-trump-nominee-amy-coney

The fix is in. Just in time for Handmaid Amy to cast the deciding vote in Bush v Gore, oh wait, in Trump v Biden, to illegally hand Trump the election.
Then she will be on the court for decades, working hard to turn women into gestation slaves, to rule against Nature and us peasants, to give America completely to its corporate overlords, and to make the Handmaid’s Tale into a non-fiction book describing the Theocratic States of America.
Time for a revolution.


I heard that the SCOTUS just brought down another judgement against a voting issue in Wisconsin.
Aren’t voting issues supposed to be a state matter?
It is possible that the judgement was rendered by the WISCONSIN SCOTUS. That would be just as devastating.
Just read the decision. The U.S. Supreme court says Wisconsin cannot extend voting deadline due to the Corona virus.
Glad I voted a month ago.


We didn’t deserve trump from the last election because people were mixed up, confused, and out of sorts. After four years of him, if he is reelected we DO deserve to suffer under his tyrannical rule.

It’s time to purge ourselves of republican overreach, right-wing fascism, and voting disruptions.
Republicans have chosen to not negotiate, ever.
They have chosen pistols at ten paces.


One has to wonder if there were not things which the pusillanimous Democrats could have done which could have prevented Barrett from being confirmed.


“Usher in a new wave of corporate greed??”

A new wave??

Corporate greed is and has been the defining characteristic of our death cult society for as long as any person currently alive can remember.


This a good thing in that corp. demodogs voted 0 but made their corp. master happy while making demodogs true believes that they fought a good battle. Sad day


Now that the expedited confirmation of Seventh Appellate Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett by the Republican-controlled (U. S.) Senate to serve as an (Associate) Justice of the Supreme-(ly Political) Court of the United States is a fait accompli, the institutional legitimacy of the entire federal judiciary is now permanently tarnished. As a politically disaffected American, i am now prepared to conclude that my irreparably shattered faith in the now-moribund political institutions of the United States will never be rectified in my lifetime. The possible re-election of Trump will definitely compel me to punch a one-way ticket to Canada within the next several years. As a matter of fact, i shall be earnestly aspiring to matriculate into law school somewhere in Canada. Boy do i truly feel so profoundly ashamed to be an American.


The Democrats didn’t push their nomination in order to forward Clinton’s chances instead of exercising the power the people had voted them to lead. Now the Republicans exercised all their legal power, and the Democrats are whining.

The Democrats have only Democrat Leadership to blame for this. They’re playing politics while the Republicans are actually running the government.

I don’t support what the Republicans do, but the Democrats have not offered a credible alternative since Reagan. The Democrats have become entirely corrupted by dreams of personal enrichment and power, and have abandoned governing in the people’s interests as a principle. Pelosi and Shumer are perfect leaders to show the people who Democrats really are, and half of us still don’t see it.


Carol, that time was a LONG time ago!!!


One could say that about the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT!


Absolutely. As a matter of fact, the irreparably shattered faith of a solid majority of fair-minded Americans toward the now-moribund political institutions of the United States will never be rectified in their lifetimes. The possible re-election of Trump will definitely compel me to punch a one-way ticket to Canada within several years. My second choice would be España.


What happened with SCOTUS and Wisconsin today re absentee ballots is another example of the coup that is NOW underway.
This is it.


After the coup, will trump step down and have Pence take over and thus be safe from jail and not have the hassle of being president anymore?

Excellent video, must watch, imo:


" Trump officially makes his move to launch a COUP and STEAL the 2020 Election
Donald Trump on Twitter announced his intention to launch a coup and steal the election by trying to invalidate all ballots not counted by the 2020 election night on November 3rd. He said the following: “Big problems and discrepancies with Mail In Ballots all over the USA. Must have final total on November 3rd” Make no mistake, Trump will work with his cronies to get this done, especially now that Amy Coney Barrett has officially been confirmed on the Supreme Court. Already, the SCOTUS has voted to allow Wisconsin to prevent votes being counted if they come in after election day, even if they were mailed in time. Only a major Joe Biden victory can dull this coup attempt."


If I was years younger I would already be planning my getaway. I fear all I can do at this point (72 years young) is hang around and help my grand nieces get through the upcoming nightmares ahead until MY ticket gets punched. (-:


Surely you jest…


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has come under fire for not only prioritizing Barrett’s speedy confirmation over long-delayed Covid-19 relief and in the midst of early voting for the November election but also for pushing through Trump’s nominee in direct defiance of the standard he set in 2016…

Can you say KARMA?


McConnell cares nothing about “coming under fire.” These people feed on our outrage and have no shame in doing so.


Indeed. Some people are slow.


Interesting that a week before the “election,” the Democrats try to give the appearance and illusion of an opposition party. Imagine that! Reminds me of when they voted for impeachment and then gave the Führer his record war budget and greater spying powers. If they sincerely wanted him gone, they wouldn’t have given him anything.


Does that mean that you think (?) more years of Trump will be better than “dulling” the coup with Biden; that there is no difference than a Biden or Trump win; or, that even a major Biden victory won’t make a difference in the eventual outcome?