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In Passionate Letter to Congress, Hundreds of Rabbis Endorse Iran Deal


In Passionate Letter to Congress, Hundreds of Rabbis Endorse Iran Deal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

More than 300 rabbis "from all streams of Judaism" on Monday sent a letter to all lawmakers in U.S. Congress urging them to approve the historic nuclear deal with Iran, calling it "the best arrangement possible given current international realities."


Many thanks to the Rabbis and the American Jewish population that support acceptance of this deal. And thanks to CD for making us aware of this fact. I was giving myself a good talking-to the other night for letting “Jew hatred” grow in my heart. This is indeed encouraging. I must finish the letter I’m drafting to send all US Senators, regardless of party. If they don’t hear from us, then that’s our own failure.


The most difficult bigotry to confront is our own.


I hope they sent a copy to Schumer.


Isn’t this really about the money ( profit ) which will be lost should we not go to war with Iran? All this kabuki about can we trust Iran? Can we get a tougher, better deal? It’s handwringing p.r. hogwash, imo. Iran is not the problem, here; AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson, Benny the Net, the Guns & Ammo crowd and pandering to the Fundy’s Faux Christian Nuttery for votes and campaign cash, is the problem. Just sayin’.


All of us should call or email our elected reps (especially those who are still “undecided” (read: getting pressure from warmongers) to show them there are other Jewish voices beside the warmonger liar Netanyahu and AIPAC! I have already!

Addendum: Its been announced NJ Sen Menendez will join NY’s Schumer in supporting Netanyahu and Israeli extremism betraying their own nation and party/president. First loyalty to a foreign power and support of their agenda used to earn the perp the label of traitor for their treasonous actions. The subversion of our nation by israel and Netanyahu and AIPAC has reached clear and present danger proportions (have for a long time) and all such betrayals called what they are.

Clearly the words of wisdom from the 340 Rabbis mean nothing to sycophants of israel like Schumer and Menendez!


That’s undoubtedly part of the reason for the opposition but there are a number of others. Netanyahu is Israel’s Bush/Cheney. He amps up the Israeli’s fears to stay in power. Iran is one of his favorite tools to keep them terrified.

Netanyahu isn’t worried about Iran developing a nuclear weapon. He knows, from CIA and Mossad reports, that Iran’s nuclear weapons development program has been inactive for years. What he really doesn’t want is having the sanctions lifted. This would improve Iran’s economy, strengthen Iranian moderates, and potentially give Iran more money to fund groups opposed to Israel and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Iran has been on the Neocon hit list since the early '90’s. They want it weakened so they can overthrow the government.

So war profits are one of the many reasons for opposition to the deal.


If these Rabbis do not contribute as much money to the addressees of this letter as AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League, then this letter will be unpersuasive. Money talks, meritorious arguments do not.


I see that but could Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians get any/much worse? Another war is inevitable by year’s end, according to their ex-ambassador to the U.S. Israel is shacked up with The Sheiks of Saud. The Saudis, of course, like Israel weaponry sales, too. Flying drones in the Arabian desert on weekends definitely beats driving a Bentley on only two wheels, evidently. " Short Biggy " McCain and " Big Shorty " McConnell are throwing in the towel on this veto override effort, though. Sen. " Mendacious " Menendez is declaring he’s opposing it. That Cuban deal and the indictment really pisses him off, right? Of course, he better vote quick before he’s forced to resign and take up pimping his dentist’s girlfriends, full time. Can you do that from prison if you’re an X-Senator? Maybe from a prison in N. Jersey, huh? Good for these rabbis but they are being too, too kind to the opposition, here. What Hunter S. Thompson said of Nixon, could also be said of those opposing this deal; " the scum also rises. "


Last I heard Israel has a nuclear weapons stockpile of over several hundred; Iran none. Your attitude is sick. I am trying not to hate anyone just of because of their ethnicity, which was the simple point of my remark. The continued forced economic strangulation of Iran will do nothing to increase the security of Israel, and will serve only to increase the likelihood of self-fulfilling your own fears.

You don’t need to appear here, your ad is running constantly on all our TV stations.


Genocidal? No. We’re not talking about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. We’re talking about Rabbis taking a stand for Peace.

Perhaps you thought you were in a different thread.


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Don’t be jealous just because others are capable of self evaluation. If you can ‘feel’ jealousy you’ve already accomplished more than any other bot. Advances in AI might someday upgrade ‘you’ to the point where ‘you’ are also able to examine your ‘thoughts’ and ‘feelings’.


" This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst then be false to any man, Farewell, my blessing season this in thee! " Go; eat a peach.


Yes Yes. Bless the rabbis. They are rigorous and reasoned in their thinking. Too often we let our perception of a speakers core beliefs and motives color and distort the message. Peace and safety are our common goals. All of our conscious energy needs to be directed to that end. Obtuse blunderbuss mayhem and destruction do not contribute to that goal. Bless don’t bomb. Love don’t lash. Assist don’t attack.


Those rabbis must all be self-hating jews…