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In Paul Ryan’s District, a Community Struggling


In Paul Ryan’s District, a Community Struggling

Greg Kaufmann

In Racine, Wisconsin, it is clear that a community was abandoned.

On either side of Memorial Drive, one after another, are relics of better days: massive brick factories now closed, sprawling warehouses deserted, empty lots, boarded-up buildings. Rusted water towers and aged smokestacks rise from industrial rooftops, like sentries standing guard long after they served their duty. Racine Steel Casings, Case Tractors, Sealed Air, Jacobsen Textron, Golden Books, Young Radiator—once-great employers, all gone, but not forgotten by locals.


Judging from the budgets Ryan has submitted during his Congressional career, he is hell bent on pushing more middle class Murkins INTO POVERTY, rather than helping those already in poverty.

Perhaps the voters in Ryan's district make a good case study of Stockholm Syndrome ?


Why do people keep voting for these assholes when every word out of their mouths is a lie or a plug for more corporate tax breaks and more free trade to diminish more jobs....People like Ryan are nothing but bought off assholes.


Ryan being second in succession for POTUS is way too close for comfort.


Ryan's home being a mile from the ravaged Racine neighborhood with shuttered factories and impoverished families may as well be considered the distance from Earth to the moon. He lives in a mansion in Janesville, WI with his heiress wife where they are insulated from the realities a mere mile away. Privilege and wealth act as huge barriers to reality and the elite cannot be bothered to face it. They live in rarified air, so it seems.


As bad as the robber barons of the 1870s were, at least their negative impact beyond the US was minimal. Their descendants who export jobs en masse and caused the 2008 crash negatively impact nearly every nation on earth.


Paul Ryan drinks $400 a bottle wine. He is as connected to the problems of ordinary people as Sarah Palin is to human intelligence. Republican, democrat - the only real difference is whether you prefer to have your head lopped off all at once, or to be tied down and inflicted with small razor cuts until you finally bleed to death. Lose it all at once, or piecemeal. Awareness of the fraud perpetrated on the American public by both parties is higher now than in the last thirty years, but that is only because the frogs are just now starting to realize that the water will be fully aboil soon. May Ryan choke on his wine.


This is capitalism (propped up by the state - Bailouts, military 'budgets'). Profits they win. Losses they win..


"Kelly Gallaher, a community organizer with Racine’s Community for Change, put it a little more bluntly: “How do you take away half of our manufacturing jobs and then say poverty is some moral failing?”


This message should be BRANDED into the Koch Brothers' flesh!


The minute, and I mean the minute a politician is elected, he/she must spend 50-60% of their time fundraising for their next election. When do they have time for the Peoples Work?


I wonder how many red states are prospering right now?......But I imagine all the GOP lawmakers prosper in these states...


The path to prosperity is to NEVER vote republican......


Ryan is pictured here holding up his resolution titled "The Path to Prosperity- Restoring America's Future". Someone please Photoshop-change the title to more accurately show "The Path to Poverty--Destroying America's Future". Thank you.


While I was raised in Minnesota, which has been prospering under the Democratic Governor, Mark Dayton, I'm now living in Wisconsin, with the very Republican Scott Walker at the helm. Here's an article highlighting why these two states that border each other are faring so differently.



What else to expect from a man who is an Ayn Rand supporter, engaged in the Chicago School of Economics and the works of Milton Friedman. By the way, just like Ayn Rand, also Paul Ryan received social security. After having enjoyed those benefits, both seem to agree that this is only for the few selected, the masses can handle their own affairs.

This may be as inconsistent as it comes. However, Paul Ryan has a right to choose his values. Yet, my puzzle is this: why do people vote for a person holding such poor social standards; with his chosen values, Paul Ryan is unable to care for anybody else than himself. People holding individual and egocentric values are not suitable in positions of representatives for other people. It is a contradiction in terms. People of Wisconsin, please choose another political candidate; someone with social and caring values, who is capable of fairly representing society and nature.