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In Photos: DC Climate March Draws 'One Hell of A Lot of People'


In Photos: DC Climate March Draws 'One Hell of A Lot of People'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From coast to coast and across continents, people marched for environmental justice on Saturday, sending a clear message to the climate-denying Trump administration: we'll fight your fossil fuel-soaked agenda every step of the way.

Organizers said that over 150,000 participated in the flagship Peoples Climate March in Washington, D.C., while tens of thousands more demonstrated at solidarity events in cities across the United States as well as in Asia and Europe.


Amazing, simply amazing, but chances are the orange dirtbag will tweet that it was just a paid small group of rabble rousers.


Too bad Trump wasn’t home. Does the guy even have a home?


His home should be a jail cell.


I am sick at home and can’t go to marches right now… I love how many people showed up and at the same time, I am in shock that there are not much more!
I like the “Planet before Profit” signs but I also think it’s showing how disconnected we are from our world. “People before Profit” says the same thing… only it includes the people.


This looks GREAT!..
I couldn’t make it to DC, so I stood in front, with others, in front of the UGLY Trump Tower on 57th & 5th in NYC…many passers by said “right on”, and gave us a thumbs up…
some people took selfies giving Trash the finger , and
it clearly looks like there were “a hell of a lot” more people at the Climate March
than there were at his stinking “inauguration” …


I left a message below, where I said , this was G.R.E.A.T.
but HEY, C.N.N. …no mention on your website of the NUMBERS of protesters?
also, NOT the main headline?
WHAT are you afraid of? namely, your big sponsor polluters, namely fossil fuels
and the Pentagon, and Monsanto (all of which I have seen innumerous times on your network)
may not be happy?
THIS IS THE JUST THE WARM UP PITCH…(forgive the irony)…


Paid protestors, LOL


I agree…
after all, if mothers are concerned about their children’s future,
they should be very concerned what is happening to Mother Earth…
at 86 degrees in NYC BEFORE May 1st
((I predicted 90 degrees in early May…which would be very bad boding)
all I hear from the average person at work and today…is HOW GREAT IT IS!
I am sure many comments were made about why don’t they open the beaches already…
It has "normally not hit 90 degrees in NYC until July…
this is, obviously, the new normal.
to show what global warmng is? I think it is HIGH TIME we demand
an accounting
#1…how much organizations have (Sierra Club/ Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense League, etc
#2 where is the money going
#3 people should be asked/ vote on where they want the money to go…
I hope I can get some movement on this
and not just one or two “Likes” (if I’m lucky) or some response that goes nowhere.

we should not just use these sites to vent our rage but to get some ACTION!



Big financial supporter of environmental organizations are you? If you support a single one you would know how to get information. If you don’t, and it appears you don’t, you can still get that information with little effort. Little effort seems right up your alley.


The planet includes people.


Rasta Mon Vibration! Jah.


Tough crowd.


One poster said that Trump is unfit to be President.

At this point, in 21st Century US, only someone of the True Left; Bernie, Ralph, Jill or any of a plethora of others, is ACTUALLY fit to be President.

THIS is the Reality of our Time.




…that he shares with MANY other treasonous bastards, of the last 50+ years.


Yeah, in a “for-profit” prison!


Posi - tive Vibration! 200,000 be Jahmin’!


Fuck you, asshole.


Gee whizzakers, Mr. Bob.