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In Photos: Scientists Worldwide Fight Back Against Anti-Science Trump Agenda

In Photos: Scientists Worldwide Fight Back Against Anti-Science Trump Agenda

Nika Knight, staff writer

Hundreds of thousands are celebrating Earth Day by marching Saturday against President Donald Trump's ongoing attacks on science, in an unprecedented global uprising of scientists against the anti-science Trump administration.

With demonstrations on six continents, there was even a (small) march on the North Pole:

And with Trump choosing Betsy Devos, a Calvinist Christian, as US Secretary of Education, American School Kids, most likely, will not be learning about such scientists such as Charles Darwin, and Darwin’s 1859 ground breaking book, “On the Origin of Species,” if they, (Trump, and DeVos) succeed at closing down America’s Public Schools, and replacing American Public Schools with Trump, and Betsy DeVos approved charter schools.


Beautiful day, but until Trump, T-Rex and the rest of the climate denying,criminals, with vested interests in fossil fuels, finally admit climate change is real I seriously doubt much will change; nevertheless, accolades to the marchers!

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T.Rex the band; Marc Bolan, guitar, keyboards, and the other great T. Rex band members. T. Rex’s album Electric Warrior (Bang a Gong, or Get it On) etc. (Bang a Gong, or Get it On) also covered by Power Station, (Robert Palmer, Tony Thompson of Chic, and Andy, and John Taylor of Duran Duran.) T. Rex was, and will always be something wonderful, and very beautiful to many of us oldsters, just saying.

Large, enthusiastic crowds in Ann Arbor on a bright, sunny spring day.

A sign I dug: Save Planet Earth…All My Stuff is Here!


From the First Nations:


Call it slowing the momentum of Team Trump’s push into a new dark age ?


The only science DT understands is the science of plunder.


The Dalai Lama XIV, " I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy…"

“If you look for a purpose, you are seeking madness. If you find one, you are sure mad. Yes. If you think you found a purpose in life, you’re for sure have gone crazy, because only the insane people have purpose.” – Sadhguru

That means, that according to Sadhguru, Dalai Lama is advocating insanity. If someone decides their purpose in life is to be happy, then according to Sadhguru, they are ‘mad’. So where did this guy come from? In my opinion, Sadhguru is the one with a few screws loose.

Science has no value system, so it can–and has–been used for anything that the scientist and her/his benefactors want use it for. Those with money dictate preciisely what the fruits of the scientific method are.

Capitalism + Science = the disaster of a society we now inhabit.

Our entire system of values has to radically change for this world to be a better, more honest, more peaceful place. If you think that is going to change because of another march…well, it ain’t.

It’s not just Trump.

If you drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, for example, or own a computer, you are part of that science of plunder.

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“But you won’t fool the Children of the Revolution.”

“Yeah, Well you can bump and grind it is good for your mind, Well you can twist and shout let it all hang out, But you won’t fool the Children of the Revolution…” T. Rex

What gives me hope is that knowledge and access to knowledge is not nearly as grossly concentrated as wealth and power. There is no excuse for the misuse of science - but the value of science is indisputable. People live longer now than ever. The rate of death from conflict is about as low as it has ever been. Worldwide people’s lives are better now than 100 years ago or 200 years ago or 1000 years ago. By a lot.

We need to eliminate the misuses like the bombs and chemicals that rain down on people in Syria or the pollution of air, land, and water when short term profit is weighed more heavily than long term sustainability.

Democratizing society is the best answer for the misuses.

If scientists with values and principles join together in a march, they may become more committed to those values and make alliances that will sustain them in dark times. It’s a start. I like it.

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Agreed. A key reason that I like to take part in rallies like the ones yesterday is for the moral support that larger crowds provide to the activists carrying the heavy burden in these fights.

Here’s a slide show of about 500 signs from the March for Science in Denver, Colorado: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr81EUb2qVJVfmmlJMxEHVw

I believe your correct. For example, Edward Teller scientist father of the H. Bomb, why. Also, February 2003 up to 30 million people marched world wide to protest the American Military’s massive bombing, and invasion of Iraq. It just didn’t matter they bombed, and invaded any ways.

I recommend the editor of this article read the following, which I published yesterday:

The March for Science now has its own ‘alternative facts’ about the northernmost participants

There’s indisputable photographic evidence Bernice Notenboom took part in the March for Science in Longyearbyen on April 22. But the quickly growing “reality” is she took part in the global event’s northernmost march at the North Pole.