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In Photos: Women Strike, Protest, and Rally for a #DayWithoutAWoman


In Photos: Women Strike, Protest, and Rally for a #DayWithoutAWoman

Nika Knight, staff writer

Women are striking, protesting, and rallying for their rights across the United States and around the world on Wednesday in honor of International Women's Day.


Hey...that's great. We've had a day without this and a day without that...but what we need is a life without the billionaire class. The leisure class. The purveyors of conspicuous consumption. 8 billionaires (half of them Jewish BTW) now own more than 3.5 billion of the entire world's population, half, combined.
Let's try to have a day without billionaires. Maybe it'll catch on and we can make it a week, a month, a year....


The photo of Manila is absolutely iconic. Don't those riot police understand that they have to sleep with a woman tonight? Do they realize they are vulnerable when asleep?


This event is in the tradition of the nation-wide strikes that helped gain India's independence.

Are you suggesting that somehow we can get billionaires to give up their wealth for a day? Just how would we do that and how would it benefit anyone?


I am Jewish and sick of people always criticizing Jews for this or that. Really? I don't see you saying half of them are this or that. What difference does that make? Also being a billionaire is not a crime. It's what someone does with his or her money that makes a difference. What if that billionaire has a business that employs many people and pays well? What if the billionaire is a doctor who also gives generously to the poor? I think what you mean is a day without scamming rich people like the Wall Streeters who took from people and got bailed out. Those people we can do without forever!


Here's another thing. It's one matter when a billionaire does not pay taxes or shoves the money overseas. If we did not have millionaires or billionaires who actually do pay, we would not be able to pay for government services - not even build roads, bridges, have certain law enforcement , military etc. We probably would not even be able to fix repairs in our own cities or towns. Would it be great if we did not have the wealth disparity or corruption we did? Of course. We need jobs that pay, health care ( not insurance, ), a clean environment, public schools with enough resources, affordable housing etc. I would much rather see that than cheap goods made at horrible conditions that are exported to the US.


I take offense that you point out half of 8 billionaires are Jewish. So what!!! Most Jewish people are good people. Its terrible you are vilifying an entire people. There are good and bad in every ethnic group. Jews are no exception. Well what's the use any excuse will serve a Jew hater.


If corporate profits, no, when corporate profits are taxed, there will be plenty of money to meet all the needs... the u.s. supreme Court ruled corporate profit is for taxing, NOT WORKERS WAGES!!! Interesting g fact, eh?


A day without women... now there's a concept worth pondering, boys. Imagine coming home and no one is minding the kids; no one is there to cook you your dinner. No one is there to keep your house clean and do your laundry. Worst of all, no one is there to provide that second income. You go girls, you've got 'em by the balls. Equal pay for more than equal work! Godspeed!