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In Photos: Women's Marches on All Seven Continents Demand 'A Better Future'


In Photos: Women's Marches on All Seven Continents Demand 'A Better Future'

Nika Knight, staff writer

The second day of the Trump administration has seen an unprecedented wave of protests swell across the globe, as the Women's March on Washington and its sister marches on all continents—yes, including Antarctica—fight back against the U.S.


Just read a WaPo report that the DC march is the largest "in recent years." I sure hope someone's listening.


Couldn't ask for a more visible repudiation of Trump. Just a look at pictures of the mall comparing his inauguration to the march say it all.


The Chicago Women's March drew so many people the organizers cancelled the march as "unsafe". I guess they forgot how political power is driven-home to corrupt politicians - through direct action - Chicago, where craven politicians lacking gumption and integrity of purpose betrayed these brave women/marchers to bring the ginger pig to power over 8 years of capitulation - it's too bad the organizers seem to have done similar by cancelling the actual march, it would have been spectacular!

The spirit of Occupy lives-on - reports of its demise, attempted by R's & D's are greatly exaggerated! Chicago organizers should have stood strong!


Hard to even come up with a comment to this irrational drivel.


Only the marching needed to be canceled, as in DC. The rally stands strong.


Cluck cluck.......cluckstercluck.

You have been had big time.


The Park City march and rally took place at 7000' in a winter storm. There were definitely many cold hands and feet, and incredibly warm hearts. No counter-protests, didn't even catch a glimpse of a Trump supporter. It was really great to feel welcomed by the entire community. It would have been much bigger if it weren't for the weather, but it was still the largest protest Park City had ever seen. So glad to be part of it and this whole amazing global action.


I suggest you right-click and open images in new tabs ..




Can't end with today.

Stop Trump! Stop GOP! Stop American hegemony!

Build the replacement while you are resisting.


Resist and organize where you live. Do it now. tomorrow is too late.


No surprise that there's no mention or pics from Moscow's sister march.


Beautiful! A ray of light comes through my dark days of despair.


Here in the second smallest state of the nation the crowds were enormous! Hard not to think that maybe the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius--the true Brotherhood of Man--has not finally dawned!


"Brotherhood of Man"? Time to drop that limiting language, dear.

I just switched away from poor djt's whiny mouthpiece trying to argue that there really were more people out yesterday. Yeah, right.


If only all those millions of people would organize to form a new party and media channel. Millions protesting didn't stop the Iraq war or any other wars. We need a real opposition party with real, authentic human beings and a media system to match. So many are ready to help fund and certainly to deliver the energy required. When does it start?


We are the party, dear. We have spoken today and will continue.


Right here in the bible belt, Blunt's home state and the enclave of the dark doings of Monsanto......2,000 spirited human beings in Springfield, MO.

Proud to have been one on them.


Bernie must be happy at what is taking place around the world.
He said we need a revolution, it looks like it has started.


The turn-out was impressive. So good to see so many willing to take to the streets for a day to protest. Unfortunately the billionaire class and there corporate and media minions- that are calling the shots in this country will ignore it which, at this writing, it appears that they have done. It was the same reaction they had when millions took to the streets in protest, just prior to the invasion of Iraq. It changed nothing because they, (the aforementioned billionaire class), knew that at the end of they day, all those masses of people would go back to their homes and their lives and life would go as usual. The masses would continue working those low paying-no benefit-dead-end jobs and continue spending their meager wages on the imported goods and domestic services corporations offer and continue to enrich those who have a stranglehold on all of us.
Mass protest will only be effective when people take to the streets and remain there for as long as it takes to bring the U.S. economy to a halt. No work, no purchasing, shut down the streets, the airports and all commerce. Unless and until the people take back power in this manner and deny the 1% their ability to make money, nothing will change. Take away their ability to make money and you take away their power. Occupy worked and it scared the hell out of the 1%. That is why they shut it down before it had a chance to grow. It is the only type of threat that will get their attention. It is the only tactic that will bring about the change that is needed.