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In Pictures and Video: Highlights From the #NationalStudentWalkout

In Pictures and Video: Highlights From the #NationalStudentWalkout

Common Dreams staff

Students, parents, and teachers walked out of thousands of high schools across the country on Wednesday to demand legislative action to address gun violence in the United States.


This is their finest hour among many fine hours to come. Respect this! Admire and encourage! It’s going to be their world soon.


To the politicians of this nation:
“What Are Ya Gonna Do When They Come For You!”


You have to wonder what motivates the school administrators who plan to punish students for objecting to being killed. Why is it that shooting students not only doesn’t bother them, but appears to be something they favor?

And if they object to the implication that their students being shot doesn’t bother them, they need to explain the rationale for their proscription of protesting, especially why it requires special punishment.


They’re either gun nuts themselves or control freaks. “Kids are to be seen (controlled) and not heard (controlled). “

So many school administrators don’t understand kids…and like Dump, Pompeo, and Haspel…think browbeating people is how to act.

They don’t realize the national treasure right in front of their noses: young Americans who will stand up for democracy and safety for the country.


I’m so proud of all these kids I could pop!

And I’m beyond disgusted with the chickensh*t administrations and boards who threatened to punish the kids acting in a democracy.


I wonder if it has occurred to administrations and boards that if the killing of kids isn’t stopped they will be facing job cuts and school closures. Enrollment numbers are crucial and require living students. Enrollment numbers will also be reduced by students fearful of attending school at all in the now not so rare event a nut with an assault rifle becomes an uninvited classroom guest. Living students will also be required to eventually, “Make America Great Again.”

Hurray for these students and BOO to school officials who forbade the 17 minute demonstration with threats of suspension in various states.

If these students turn 18 by mid-term elections, they will probably vote en mass. I admire them greatly, just hope nobody or nothing squelches them.

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Isn’t it grand that this civic engagement by youth is being prompted by the NRA, Republican party, and Lil Donnie Trump and his sycophantic band! Senators Warren, Sanders, and all the usual “me too” crowd take note!

This video brought tears to my eyes. The wonderful “walkout kids” and Bernie! Our two hopes for the near future; Bernie, Bernie. Great to see and hear him. Great to see and hear the kids. I joined my local high school, two blocks away, in New York City; Fashion Industries, hundreds of kids with several teachers.