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In Pictures/Video: Hundreds Arrested in Peaceful Protest as Thousands March Demanding 'Clean' Dream Act

In Pictures/Video: Hundreds Arrested in Peaceful Protest as Thousands March Demanding 'Clean' Dream Act

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates, including two members of Congress, arrested for demonstrating while DACA recipients share how many days they have left before possible deportation

Dreamer protest

I don’t have a crystal ball but common sense tells me we will see the Patriot Act and the NDAA on steroids the moment peaceful demonstrators are declared dissenters by the oppressors…


Tired of hearing about these dreamers.! Neither party cares about the working people of our country. These illegals forced wages to go down! They came to this country illegally, and now they are complaining! And the US is not sending the dreamers back - their parents brought them here - not the US citizens! Oh boo woo woo

After all the info here and other sites, you’re going to blame stagnate and dropping wages on illegal immigrants. Wake the hell up !
Hope you don’t eat fruits or veg., because Americans wont do that work.

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Yes, when companies and people pay lower wages, it drags the economy. It is a combination of greed on both sides ( mainly the companies)- but what a slap in the face to people who emigrate legally. And this is a myth about Americans won;t do that work- that comes from elites like you who WON"T do that work! We have a lot of Americans in our area who pick veggies, fruits etc. and we grow our own- ! Guess you missed the point- that elites in the ivory tower care more for illegal immigrants than for working people ( citizens) in the US. When the economy tanked , millions of people lost everything, and thousands committed suicide, Obama said that the most important issue was immigration- huh??? And he also said to move on from Wall Street banksters( in other words do not bring them to trial) because we had other issues- really??? At least Bernie recognizes working and poor people- I called our rep today( a dem) and his lackey pretty much said that they did not talk about anyone “below” the middle class- in other words poor people do not exist. Both parties are moronic. I guess it does not matter to you as an elite that workers ( especially union) have seen their jobs being outsourced for the last forty years or more! PS/ Say hi to your maid and butler

The San Francisco Consulate General of Mexico needs to get involved. Where is he hiding? If he says that Mexican nationals are entitled to cross the border any time they needed and are entitled to stay for as long as they needed, why should dreamers self deport?

How cute you think I am an elite. Working class my whole life as well as my family. Hard to become an elite working as a Firefighter (union pres. of local 1469) and cabinet builder. Project much ? Try the "we have a lot of Americans in our area who pick veg.'s BS on some else. Some of my family owned a small farm, and NO it’s not a myth that Americans wont do that type of work.
How sad you want to intertwine you’re dislike of illegal immigrants with our screwed-up politicians and the game we call congress.
PS, How could I miss the point when you don’t have one.


Obama I think invented the term along with others. This was and is a distraction from the real issues- that this country is a corrupt Oligarchy. And these dreamers and their illegal border crossing parents complain after they have broken the law! I agree with you by the way. These people need to be deported and no more anchor babies! We are the only insane country that allows this-. Send all of these people home- stop the elitist globalist thinking- and the myths that Americans won’t do menial work .

I agree with you- and the myth that Americans won’t do this kind of work is just a myth. And companies and families that pay them low wages due to their greed need to be fined.

Excuse me- I have been in a union myself- and live in a union family. And thank you for your service as a fire fighter. I know people personally who lost their jobs ( union) due to outsourcing decades ago. Also, thanks to company greed and the acceptance of low wages , there is a race to the bottom . In our area, it is quite common for people to grow their food, and for local people to also harvest. The issue though is this: that the politicians and others ( like coasties who live in a bubble) do not care about the working “class” whatever that means. They recognize illegal immigrants more than they do the working class. The working class does not exist to them. Illegal immigrants serve these elitists not because they feel for them but because they can drive wages down in general. Obama cared more for immigrants than people who lost everything during the recession which has not really left a lot of people. He said that immigration was the most important issue of our day despite the fact that millions lost everything and thousands committed suicide. He did not even want to put Wall Street on trial. So… my point is that neither party cares about the working class.

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The problems in this country are all caused by der Juden! If we get rid of der Juden, everything will be all right, we will all have jobs and money. Heil Hitler!
Oops, sorry. Wrong Reich.

Wages for labor has always been low. Immigrants, legal or not, had nothing to do with it.
Go ahead and deport all the immigrants and refugees. You still won’t see your wages go up.
The rich will just find another excuse to keep wages low. Back in the 1700s, the aristocracy in England beleived keeping wages low was good for productivity because they beleived the low wages would make people work longer hours, like 18 hour days 7 days/week, just so they can survive. In fact, the problem of disdain for labor was so bad Jonathan Swift wrote a pamphlet called “A Modest Proposal”. You should read it. Illegal immigrants have nothing to do with traditional disdain for the working class like that. Please go and get informed.


Exactly, we are on the same page- sort of. The illegals furthur provide an excuse for the disdain. I do not know where this disrespect comes from especially since many high enders cannot even blow their own noses or have any common sense! There is also great disdain for public ed in this country- like we do not want people to be educated unless they comes from the golden spoon.! In short we humans who comes from this type of thinking are insane!

Also, union wages create more than a living wage for labor- do YOUR research. Oh- I forgot you are anti labor.

Yes- the thing is: this country especially the corporate rethugs and dems ( and the ivory tower) has always looked down on labor- anything that is not academic.

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