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In Pitch-Perfect Retort, New Zealand PM Told Trump: 'No One Marched When I Was Elected'


In Pitch-Perfect Retort, New Zealand PM Told Trump: 'No One Marched When I Was Elected'

Julia Conley, staff writer

The new leader was among the New Zealanders who marched against Trump in January—and she didn't back down when the two recently met for the first time


Now I get it: Twitler thinks that all those women in their pink pussy hats were legions of his adoring fans. He probably feels sorry for PM Ardern that her inaugural turout was so small.


And even if they had marched, hundreds of them would not be political prisoners possibly facing decades in prison for their attempt at free expression of dissent…

When will the progressive nations of the world start at least thinking of sanctions against the US?


A woman with more balls than the entire Republican Party Establishment.


I wish her luck. Her predecessors bought into the neoliberal order; it won’t be easy if she intends to remain true to her principles.


Spot on, and as the fifth “eye” the NZ deep state component is surely working to corral her into submission. Nevertheless, I wish her well.


As in, none – pretty sad when “none” out numbers them.


Do we really need “balls” as a metaphor for strength/power?


Please name a few progressive nations that might make your list.


I apologize for the use of balls.

Let’s change that to, “intellect.”


Yes - good point. I was thinking earlier - given all that has happened - maybe having balls is part of the problem!


No apology necessary as it is a commonly used and accepted figure of speech since, well, forever and expressed in all cultures/societies. In Mexico, they say “tiene huevos o cojones” (not cajones which is drawers as in desk or dresser). Living now for several decades, I am not easily offended as are much younger folks.


I’m surprised Trump didn’t grope her.


It is not a matter of offence, it is the implication that ‘strength’ is masculine’, or worse, sexually masculine.

Among the numerous things that NZ has the right to be proud of, is telling the Yanks not to bring their bloody warships into NZ waters if they were not prepared to nominate those that were nuclear-armed, and their (our, if they will accept me, who has spent most of my life elsewhere) three woman prime ministers.

Women do not always get it right, but they have a much better batting average than the men do!


You might want reconsider your ready acceptance of institutionalized discrimination and repression.

“Figures of speech” often codify and institutionalize the biases of cultural power structures, in this case patriarchy.

The fact that such codified biases have been part of languages “forever” is an indication of how deeply entrenched and longstanding such biases are, across a wide variety of cultures.

So “man up,” “put on your big-boy pants,” “grow a vagina,” and get hip to how language can be powerful tool of repression. Language can and should change, and so should attitudes like Seatower’s.


Chillax and have another frosty!


To all you New Zealanders who are “upset”; how about a swap? Your P.M. for our “President”. We will even throw in Pence, Ryan and McConnell. What do you say?


Why is such trivia even reported? Do we really have to hear about his every little squawk and tweet? Grant it, she had a brilliant come back to his rude and obnoxious remarks but why do we need to know about such insignificant trivial interactions?


You know he was thinking about it, though.


Because we have had so little to smile about in the past year.