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In Ploy to 'Force' Deep Safety Net Cuts, GOP Reportedly Planning Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment


In Ploy to 'Force' Deep Safety Net Cuts, GOP Reportedly Planning Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sparking fresh alarm that the GOP is preparing to take an axe to America's already inadequate safety net, Politico reported on Wednesday that House Republicans are planning to take up a "balanced budget amendment" when Congress returns from recess—news that comes just months after the GOP passed a tax bill that


We have not even begun to feel the real pain. We are heading into a new and very very dark age of fascist rule and the total subjugation of the masses. You will work or you will die. You will contribute or you will be in a jail or prison contributing for free. They are going to take from you till you have absolutely nothing left to give, then they will kick you in the gutter, charge you with vagrancy and put you in a prison working for some corporation as slave labor. This is the world you choose if you do nothing. It will happen.


The people have their work set out for them - #1-Eliminate the republicans from power in Washington and elsewhere. #2-Eliminate democrats who act and vote like republicans from power in Washington and elsewhere. #3-Keep eliminating right wing neo-liberals of any stripe and replace them with true progressives looking out for the common good. There must be some type of counter revolution as we have had a neo-liberal revolution since 1981. Ryan, McConnell and their ilk are just venomous snakes waiting to bite the well being of the American people. We must stop them and send them back into the hole from which they came.


All of this bullshit “balanced budget” crap is merely a ploy to cut the “safety net”, such as it is, while upping the “Defense” budget to $700 billion and keeping corporate tax loopholes, etc. etc. in place. Why don’t we come out and say it - the current Republican party is a bunch of cold-hearted, hypocritical traitors. If there isn’t a massive “blue wave” this November and especially if Trumpo the Klown is somehow re-elected this country can kiss its ass goodbye. We will be done. From where I am sitting our democracy and our very republic might not recover from this massive assault by these right-wing scumbags. This has been in the works for at least 40 years and I am deathly afraid that we are not capable of reversing this horrendous trajectory. The Congress (even Demos) is basically bought and paid for, the courts are filled with regressive judges with lifetime appointments, and Trump’s popularity numbers just went up, despite the scandals, his appalling staff like Bolton, and the continued incompetency! Trump is a piece of filth and he disgraces our country just about every day.
From outside the country an observer could conclude that the U.S. is tearing itself apart from within. Ideology and distractions rule the day - our version of “bread and circuses”.
Our would be emperor, the Orange Anus, deserves to be acknowledged in a Monty Python kind of way -
“All Hail Minimus Dickus!”


That is a very tall order. Are we up to it? I’m doubtful. It is just as easy to believe that the U.S. has finally “jumped the shark” and is in precipitous decline like the 7th level of empires. Look that up and see the eerie comparisons for yourself.


Koch-sucker Ryan is going to get swept away into political oblivion by Ironstache Bryce in November, if not sooner. I am sure his misdeeds will be rewarded and I hope his arrogance leads him to lose it all but for his kneepads (a man has to have tools for his profession, after all).


In the “Be Careful What You Wish For” category, what would RepubliKKKans do if a Democratic Congress decided that the only way to Balance the Budget is to Raise Taxes on Billionaires back up to the 90% bracket that was in effect for almost 40 years before Saint Ronnie Raygun invented Voodoo Economics???


Yes, this is the big unintended consequence the Republicans might reap if they were ever to get this. Turns out people don’t want to give up their social programs like SNAP, Social Security and Medicare and others.

The people have different priorities (things like food, shelter and health) than Republicans (things like money and power).


Better yet would be 1) that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be respected as a commitment by the governing structures, and 2) that the balance budget amendment be amended to require the application of a wealth tax in those years when inequality is excessive and the USA needs money to meet its commitments. (note that the defense and war budgets can also be cut so as to reduce the need for a wealth tax).


Meanwhile the mainstream media keeps Stormy Daniels in our face 24/7 to distract us from the ungoing looting of the US Treasury by the 1% and the politicians they own.


If the Republicans attempt additional cuts, after giving away $1.5 Trillion to their rich friends, this would be the time to “March For Them To Leave.”

To Hell with voting them out. Let’s Fucking Kick Them Out!

What better way to inform the country of the corruption their government is responsible for.



Agree. Capitalists tolerate us as long as we have something of value they can take. When we have nothing remaining we are of no use to them. Unless capitalism is destroyed, we will all be destroyed.



It’s like voting for all these years changed nothing for the better. That is some strong mind manipulation as it repeats itself every four years. Instead of I voted stickers being handed out as a badge of gullibility hand out stickers saying what difference does it make because it obviously makes no difference.


It’s not like we’ve had good choices to vote for Ajo.

The Duopoly parties and their hand picked candidates are only interested in maintaining the Status Quo, so if there’s a Green or Socialist choice, do your homework on them. Beats voting for known corrupt politicians.


It’s insane how stupid this economic philosophy is. I realize that people like Ryan know better, but many people believe in this bullshit and say that they are fiscal conservatives. The government doesn’t have to worry about deficits or debt at all, especially if the debt is in its own currency. I have to say, it is stuff like this that shows just how out of touch the right wing is. To think that this would be a winner in the coming election is nuts. Most people don’t inhabit the bubble that Rush, Fox and Crowder inhabit, and like everything else they are pushing, it will go over like a lead balloon.

Having said that, notice how angry people get when the right pushes for their policies. You would figure that the Democrats wouldn’t be all about Russia, platitudes and 1990’s electoral strategies and would propose real, popular and progressive alternatives, and they’d maul the right wing. But they’re paid to be pathetic.


Does Ryan always talk out of the side of his mouth like that?
The Party of NO is battin a thousand, a double or triple for every at bat. No wonder things are goin so well. I wonder how this will play with their base.


Theoretically what they provide is the commerce and we provide the skill and labor. When both sides get equal shares then there is enough for everyone. When labor is too strong then businesses have low profits and infrastructure lags. although I must admit that examples of this are hard to find. When the wealthy take too much we end up where we are going now,


The Party of No, or the Party of Bait-and-Switch? Some choice, huh.


MANY democrats AND even an independent vote WITH these scoundrels. We are doomed.