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In Political Press, Hillary Clinton Gets Subjected to the Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling Standard


In Political Press, Hillary Clinton Gets Subjected to the Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling Standard

Marcy Wheeler

The political press is abuzz with news that the State Department (State IG) and Intelligence Community Inspectors General (ICIG) have asked the Department of Justice to review whether the Department’s handling of the personal email from Hillary Clinton was proper.


May be retroactive classified material should not be used against anyone. The question is, if they did use it against Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling, than why would they not use it against Hillary Clinton?


But retroactively classified information should no more be used to prosecute her — in reality or in the press — than whistleblowers like Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling. (Photo: AP/file)

Agreed. Equal standards for everyone – including those of Nuremberg


Yes, I saw this as pro fluff piece defending Hillary… Regardless of Hillary’s innocents in this case as you mention there are plenty of other transgressions to bring to the peoples attention.
I just want to know when the progressives defending Hillary are going to come to their senses and see the Clinton’s as they are. Solid members of the 1% and proud of it.
People who used their political standing to personally enrich themselves.
Unfortunately for us ( the every people), this is our national politicians standard behavior.
Having to Live paycheck to paycheck is the standard we have to live by.


Hillary brought this down on herself by repeatedly and consistently doing everything in her power to make the war mongering police state into an unquestionable tyranny, from consistently voting “me, too, GOP” for war in Iraq to supporting, co-sponsoring, and/or approving of the fascists administering every pseudo patriotic pile of rhetorical crap that came along and was designed to make us all servants of that war mongering police state.

So what if her former GOP allies are now gunning for her? Why should she get special treatment that you or I will never get?

That article is nothing but pure apologetics for a very most lame candidate who needs all the opposition the planet can provide in defence of the planet from war mongers like Hillary Clinton.


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The article is to make us feel sorry for Hillary.

It didn’t succeed: I came, I read, I laughed.


Thank you. At least one poster has some common legal sense on this story. Screaming “War Crimes”, which a certain poster keeps doing to muddy the issue, has nothing to so with the subject at hand. The subject at hand is the government illegally retroactively changing past law and prosecuting people over it. Since the FBI/SS could find nothing that whistleblower Larry Drake did wrong, after illegally raiding his house and pointing guns at his family like they did William Binney, they invented a whole new category of classified info that didn’t exist at the time.

You have to apply the same law to everybody all the time or the law loses it’s credibility. If you don’t give people at GITMO a either a fair trial or return them as POW’s, then sooner or later this disappearing people crap is going to happen to you at home.

Excellent insight Hector.


“Clinton deserves a good deal of criticism for using personal email that has made it more difficult to access via FOIAs”…Marcy Wheeler.

Now that is an understatement. If any person, acting in his or her official capacity, as an employee of the government keeps a private server then that person controls the historical record. The cavalier attitude by some of the nation’s most pompous critics regarding this matter is a cause of concern. When they dismiss this as no big deal, as Maddow and others have, then one of the major tools used in historical research is compromised–Government Documents. Even if Hillary honestly erased only personal records, the act of doing so compromises the record.