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In Pompeo's New Hierarchy of Rights, Religion and Property, Not Humans, Are at the Top

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/06/pompeos-new-hierarchy-rights-religion-and-property-not-humans-are-top

Pompeo is leveraging the precepts from 15th century papal bulls which have traveled through time into the fabric of US law -specifically Land Law. The public should know that these precepts have been repudiated by virtually EVERY major faith community in the US. Confirm those that have repudiated:

The Quakers articulated, very eloquently, in little over 5 pages, in 2015, the what and why behind their reasonin in formally rejecting these precepts, recently tagged with the name “Doctrine of Discovery”.

I raise this because"White/Middle America" enters echo-chamber mode when the consequences are raised. But never, ever, is stage reached of actual contemplation of the dynamics in 2020 having roots so “ancient”. Hello, ello, llo,o - the time scale of billions of years of life compared to five hundred years registering only as a “blink of an eye”. Love that dismissive flick of the switch to another plane of “thought”. And its a double-trouble hypnotists flick to make you dismiss the time AND the substance. Its carney scam that has been working for 500 years.

Even the way the Quaker way of thinking and posing ‘arguments’ are structured in a beauty and poetry that sustains the energy for justice. Much like what and how MLK structured so elegantly. We need resonating reasoned solidarity across gulfs we should be savoring crossing. If in doing so a work of art is produced in achievement of coherent celebration - so much the better.

Nothing is stronger than Love. And thats not hyperbole.

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