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In Potential Final Protest Targeting UN, Trump Administration—Joined by Just Israel—Votes Against 2021 Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/potential-final-protest-targeting-un-trump-administration-joined-just-israel-votes


No news here - BUT !!

Why is Trump foregoing his annual Mar a Lago New Year’s Party and instead has returned abruptly to DC ???

Israel is the “money pit” of American foreign relations.


Some say he’s planning an attack on Iran. A “New Year’s” surprise for Jolting Joe.

Must be something he really wants to leave in such a hurry.

When we question ever burgeoning sums that Congress squanders on military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare and we are labeled commie traitors who want the terrorists to win.

When we question the ever burgeoning sums that Congress squanders on Israel, we are labeled anti-Semetic.


That sort of idiotic move would not surprise me as he is a desperate and increasingly maniacal dipshit who would sacrifice multitudes of people to assuage his ego without second thought. Either that or the coup in the US is about to be initiated, with military help.

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tRump’s iniquitous administration brought out the peabrain, party of Stupid Republicans like no other administration since that phony piece of crap Reagan’s and that dick, Nixon’s. It’s hard to say which is better: the end of Hair Hitler tRump’s horrible Presidency or the end of a global pandemic!


To listen to public health officials, this pandemic is going to be with us for some time.

And then, they talk about the next one coming.

You can call me the conspiracy theorist as I firmly believe there is a correlation between this pandemic and the U.S. Government’s Biological Weapons Research.

There’s too many people of this planet for the natural resources to sustain it.

Their solution, kill them off.

Kill us off.

I usually am untrustworthy of the U.S. Military, however this time around, I believe they want this asshole out ASAP and wouldn’t help him even if he was on fire.

The malignant racist Israeli government,s overt subversion of US sovereignty, and its supremacist right must be exposed for the world-wide and American threat and they are. Foreign aid - AKA 'tribute", to Israel and the overt subversion by AIPAC are treasonous in their effects of US politics and diversion of billions upon billions to that racist entity that has used the US and attacked/killed our military and civilians! The case of the USS Liberty attack and murder of US citizens protesting treatment of Palestinians in our name two examples among near countless. The truth of the Liberty attack and ongoing cover-up here!

The massive Israeli nuclear arsenal and secrecy outside international control agencies and oversight should no longer be tolerated! that and the obvious control they have over trump and desire to attack Iran before that treasonous simp leaves office are a danger to the entire word!

BDS! END ALL US aid to Israel including “forgiven loans” which are ALL of them ever given, and all other hidden give-aways to the Zionist entity! Zionism IS racism!!


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Oh well, some folks don’t like it that there is anti Israel bias. Tough, get over it or go away.
Oh yeah, you ARE going away. The whole damn administration shouldn’t let the door slam them in the ass on the way out. Hurry, get out of our site.

Pony, I don’t trust their “hurry up” vaccine any more than I trust that there wasn’t subterfuge with the coming of the virus.
Cynical? Yes, I’m guilty.
Masking, distancing, hygiene work just fine for us for the rest of this new year.


Happy New Years To You And Yours G!


I doubt that Biden and his appointees will be less generous — not surprising if he and they are more generous.