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In Powerful Eulogy, Heather Heyer's Mother Calls on Americans to Fight Injustice


In Powerful Eulogy, Heather Heyer's Mother Calls on Americans to Fight Injustice

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a powerful speech at her daughter's funeral procession on Wednesday, Susan Bro—the mother of Heather Heyer—called on Americans to continue Heather's work by fighting hatred and injustice.


Angels and Demons!

I choose Angels.

Over the past few decades, the Duopoly has bred a culture of violence in America through it’s expansion of Empire.

Wars, sales of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Weapons to countries so that they can create more terror.

Too many of us have bought in into it and given our support and votes to help these Demons spread their Death and Human Suffering all around the world.


Because there’s no money in Peace for these Warmongers.

And, still the majority of us enable them election after election.

This culture of violence has now led to this beautiful young woman’s death, this Angel who has been deprived of her life, for what?

For what I ask?

So that Hate organizations can freely express their Hate and terrorize those of us denounce it?


We must work even harder to live up to our own and Heather’s moral compass and activism!

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!

If you’re not active, you’re part of the problem!

Speaking of fighting injustice, racism, economic slavery/serfdom, vulture capitalism, diversion of resources from civilian priorities to military waste and corruption we must not be shrinking violets only speaking of “love” and singing kumbayah - even given my great respect for Pete Seeger who sang it like it ought to be sung - I also take great exception to the Phil Ochs “liberal” sellouts and betrayers. We are facing not only a capitalist vulture that has made us wage and interest slaves, but also a militant, very well armed and trained extremist racist neo-nazi hatred, and we who believe in justice and equality and radical change had better be up to the goddamn task!

“The history of the working class is one full of resistance, collectively and individually, against the rich elite that hold power over all of our lives. From massive armed uprisings like the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, to the resistance to coal mining in predominately white rural Appalachia today, white working people have been in conflict with those that uphold predatory economic, political, and social systems” - and that includes the DINO Clinton/Obama establishment corporate/banker/wall street whores, not only the R’Con’s and ginger chimp!

“We have a duty and an obligation as freedom loving people to stand against the reactionary ideologies of white supremacy and white nationalism that menace communities of color and keep control over white communities”

Working people of color and Latinos must also unite to fight injustice and oppression as Brother Malcolm spoke and wrote.

"You’re living at a time of extremism, a time of revolution
A time where there’s got to be a change. People in power have misused it
And now there has to be a change and a better world has to be built
And the only way is going to be built is with extreme methods
And I for one will join with anyone, don’t care what color you are
As long as you want change this miserable condition that exists on this earth. – Malcolm X

I reject the BS centrist sellouts calling resistance the “violent far left”! We’re fighting injustice, bigotry, economic terrorism, vulture capitalist domination and banker/wall street usury! That struggle is very old and needs unity of purpose and unity of all people of good conscience!


You know it took a lot of strength and love for Bro to do this

And you know Heather’s goddamn proud of her mom.


Finally it takes the mother of a murdered child, not a “so called” leader while they all hide silent behind their office locked doors. If these idiots unleash a new civil war and our fake president declares a state of emergency, let’s kiss democracy good bye.


These Nazis went to Charleston and murdered a Heather. Now the Nazis say they’re packing for Heather’s funeral. America has always been a bloody mess. We do not evolve in slow change. We rut back and forth in revolutionary quick change. Malcolm X was murdered by Farrakhan and the Sons of Islam in a New York Church with the help of the FBI and NYPD’s secret undercover force. Malcolm’s path was selected by his dead Dad. Malcolm X’s Dad organized in Minneapolis for Negro Rights. He was assaulted and beaten by a gang of white men who threw Malcolm’s Dad in front of a streetcar and then held him down so it cut him in half. Hence, the birth of Malcolm X who transcended African-American civil rights to human rights of all men. Malcolm was a threat to Farrakhan so he declared Malcolm a “hypocrite” to the Sons of Islam and declared Malcolm must be punished for his hypocricy. The FBI and NYPD were more than happy to assist. America murdered Malcolm X just like Robert and John Kennedy, Lennon, Martin Luther King. They all represented a threat to our America because not only did they want racial, financial equity and an end to foreign wars for profit; they became popular and had millions of followers. Hence, bang, death to the activist. Where is the left? Many of us were killed. If you haven’t read, take a look at “Orders to Kill,” by Claude Pepper about the assassination of King and “The Assassinations” by Probe. Never underestimate the evil of our corporate war machine. We are the pointy end of the spear for the Western Hemisphere making us an amoral desciple of death and destruction. We can make it stop. love and peace.


Directly to the Truth, gracias; we have a total People’s Revolucion, World-wide!
The Power is from unity!
Brother Malcolm, Yes, so Right on!


A gutsy mom that is 100 percent correct. Those White Supremacists that killed her need to be held 100 percent accountable. And no to Donald Trump, both sides did not kill Heather. The White Supremacist racists killed Heather. Both sides were exercising their freedom of speech up to the point of violence. Violence is NOT free speech people have a right to. The car being rammed into a crowd of people is the point of no return for the White Supremacists. Ramming cars into crowds of people that disagree with you is not called freedom of speech. Its called murder.


There is something tragically wrong with a party that espouses bigotry, racism, murder one, white superiority and Donald Trump to the tune of 75%. Party loyalty aside, this flirting with insanity.


In a nation dominated by games of competition and film celebrating competing between " self righteous good and criminal, it is hard to sell synergy and love. Those elements a re generally seen as weak and stupid.