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In Powerful Gesture of Black-Palestinian Solidarity, Many Declare 'When I See Them, I See Us'



The truth is on the side of the oppressed - Malcolm X

The REhumanization of the dehumanized. That is how segregation died, how apartheid died and how the dehumanization of the Palestinians will die. Felt good to see the video but then I believe in justice and freedom for everybody. I'm old fashioned that way.


And to this natural solidarity lets add the First Nations.


Injustice, theft, imprisonment, murder of the weak, non-whites, poor and ordinary humans by the rich and powerful greedy psychopaths is just sickening. And that applies to the treatment of the First Nations as well, but with more hypocricy.


Seeing this video helps to see that such connections are natural, and there are strong, vibrant people speaking this way, people we can join. Thank you, Kristian Davis-Bailey and Remi Kanazi and all the other makers of the video, and CD for hosting this. Empowering and educational. Angela Davis' sign "Racism is systemic. Its outbursts are not isolated incidents." pithy as can be. And Alice Walker wonderfully appears in the last frame: I find so very revolutionary her novel The Color Purple, a tale not only of devastation but of the peacemaker's, the healer's process of transformation, even transformation of the abuser back to full humanity, to tender curiosity.


I will stand with you also.